Dana Loesch's circle of corruption

Over the past week, Dana Loesch has been linked to several corrupt people, including the notorious child molesting sexist pervert Mike Stack (who goes by @goatsred on Twitter) and Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76 on Twitter, but had his account deleted). Here's the members of Loesch's Circle of Corruption.

First member of the Circle of Corruption: Mike Stack

Stack, known to the Twitterverse as @goatsred, has a long rapsheet that includes, but not limited to: assaulting his girlfriend, engaged in obscene behaviors, moderated xxxporntalk.com (his username was redgoat), and allegedly engaged in underage sex.

From the Daily Kos blogpost titled: "'Weinergate' Ends when Mike Stack, et al., have been investigated"

Mike Stack is one evil man. He is the one who was contacting young girls online and trying to get them to accuse Rep Wiener. If you know Mike Stack you would never want him to be anywhere near a daughter of yours.

His sidekick PatriotUSA76 ("Dan Wolfe") now claims that he has daughter and that his access to her has been limited due to issues involving a sex offender and implied molestation. That of course explains why his BFF online is a lover of incest pornography, right?
see the psychotic ramblings of PatriotUSA67 (Dan Wolfe) here:

Well let me tell you that Mike Stack has been for a long time associated with extreme and illegal porn (non-consensual sex/rape, incest etc..). He is also a moderator on a porn web site called xxxPornTalk. There his username is RedGoat. Specifically he moderated the subterranean "The Sh*t List" sub-forum where there are articles with titles such as these:
Whores Who Think They Are "Models"
Die of AIDS Jasmine Tame!

where Mike Stack (as sinlinlin) rushes in to defend an extreme porn producer accused of Pedophilia (previously convicted for his rape themed obscene videos) and his admission that he is BFF with this producer as well as other admissions of having collected money in exchange for removing harassing videos that he had created on YouTube against a female porn actress. Charges of extortion are made on that thread. Google sinlinlin and look for the first twitter result. The cached excerpt should show that the sinlinlin account (which has now been deleted) was owned by one "Mike Stack". You can also the connection between Mike Stack, goatsred and sinlinlin by checking out his FOAF xml file on opera.com here http://my.opera.com/...
Note the matching names, username,age and email address of mscart2000[@yahoo.com]

The biggest question is why the hell did she let a known creep go on her radio show to spew his dangerous lies without rebuttal?

Now, the fact that grown men were, in the words of the girls and their parents, harassing minors is bad enough. But it turns out to be far more disturbing when you find out who Mike Stack is. The web site The Smoking Gun found out that Stack was the moderator of an X-rated porn site, xxxporntalk.com. Depending on your sensibilities, you may or may not find that to be a big deal in itself, but it certainly adds a level of creepiness to the fact that Stack was harassing minors online in connection with the Weiner story.

Chrisopher has a bizarre habit that I lack, namely taking Breitbart at his word, but whatever, let's assume at that point in the story (Friday of last week) Breitbart had not used any of Stack's leads. What I want to know, then, is why Dana Loesch decided to interview Stack for her show yesterday. Loesch is normally pretty strategic about who her guests are, but it's hard to see what value Stack adds to the right-wing narrative or to any news at all! Loesch introduces Stack only as "@goatsred on Twitter," and the interview immediately jumps in to an attack on @patriotusa76. It also included this interesting quote from Stack:
From the 06.08.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

2nd member: Dan Wolfe
Wolfe, formerly known to the Twitterverse as @patriotusa76, got the Weinergate scandal started by posting a tweet as far back as May 11th, predicting that Weiner was going to be the unlucky victim.

Photo: stef406's photobucket, via DailyKos.

Wolfe emailed Breitbart the issue of Anthony Weiner's questionable tweet.

With that as background, The Smoking Gun published emails today from Dan Wolfe, AKA "patriotusa76," at least one of which listed Breitbart as a recipient. In the first email, Wolfe tips off Breitbart to the screengrab as well as key details of the story and promises at the end that "we have more."

In the second email, Wolfe appears agitated and warns that he will be in big trouble if unspecified details about his role in the incident leak:

I have ALOT of personal problems I didn't want to go into--but as I become the focus of this I am more and more afraid this will all come out. I want to tell you why I haven't talked on the phone yet.

I have an en exwife suing me for custody of our 2 kids and for lots of other stuff right now. Her attorneys are after everything I own.

I have an ex girlfriend who has mental problems causing issues for me at work .

My business is suffering as a result.

If my exwife's attorney's got a hold of a call recorded with me on it they'd have a field day with that. I want to try to avoid.

She had recorded me twice before. She worked with my exgirlfriend and had two calls recorded.

It has gotten me in a lot of legal trouble.

I am screwed. If this comes out along with everything I'm dealing with here -- I don't know what to do.

Wolfe had harassed thesupposed recipient of the photo:

Not only was @patriotusa76 the person to discover the tweet, he's the same person who had been harassing the supposed recipient, and he knew the Congressman was going to post the photo before he actually did.

From all this, we can start drawing conclusions.

First, Dan Wolfe had foreknowledge of this event. That much is indisputable. This would lead one to be highly suspicious of the fact that he was the one to discover the photo, but those suspicions are as yet circumstantial.

Now, it's important to revisit the allegation, which is that Rep. Weiner posted the photo to yfrog and mentioned a young college student in a tweet linking to that photo. Because here is where it gets interesting.

3rd Member: Andrew Breitbart
Breitbart has a long history of deceitful activities.
Over the past several days, Breitbart has humiliated himself over this story, but does he ever NOT humiliate himself?

Why did CNN gave him a platform to falsely implicate Weiner unchecked?

CNN Spreads Latest Breitbart Smear focused on what we knew about the stalking and set up of Congressman Weiner. That this was another ACORN like ‘sting’ is readily apparent via even a cursory inspection.

CNN has disingenuously ‘covered’ the story, which is to say they smeared right wing bullshit all over Congressman Weiner, probably motivated by a combination of the beating the GOP took in New York 26 and Weiner’s unflinching handling of the crimes of Clarence Thomas.

How do we know they were complicit? Simple, they’re running Crimson Hexagon – there is no plausible way they could not have known it was a setup.

Breitfart also snuck into Weiner's press conference:

I have no idea what's about to happen here, but having Breitbart come out and chew out the press 5 minutes before Weiner appears is just...surreal...

Update: OK, this is just bizarre beyond belief; did Breitbart fool everyone into thinking that this press conference was gonna be for Weiner? He got on stage at about 3:55, talked for about 15 minutes, then took off. We're looking at an empty podium at 4:16pm.

He claimed total vindication, that everything he said is true, that Weiner made up the "hacking" claim, and now claims that he's "holding back" one more extremely explicit photo in order to "save his [Weiner's] family".

This is just...strange.

He went onto The Dana Show to bash him some more:

And finally the ringleader, Dana Loesch:
Loesch, who's the editor in chief at Big Hackulism, a CNN "Contributor", and host of KTFK's The Dana Show, was leading the charge to defend her ethics-challenged cohorts.

Media heather Dana Loesch aka @DLoesch, who has been with CNN for just over ninety days, and who appears to have been intimately involved in a computer intrusion crime in the context of manufacturing 'news' aimed at a troublesome Democrat? How in the world is she still employed by CNN?

Here's a link to her crap on CNN. If you want to complain about her on Twitter you can contact @TeamCNN and I guess they route comments internally. There is a fat, juicy CNN feedback page, too.

Loesch was telling repeated false claims on all of her media venues:

As I just pointed out, Loesch retweeted this completely false claim earlier today:

Eric Boehlert at Media Matters retweeted my blog post pointing out that it was a lie:

And here was Loesch's response:

See? So when Loesch said that Media Matters wrote 9 pages, she was actually "asking" if they wrote 9 pages!

Here we go again: Loesch plays the victim card ("Wah, wah, wah! Those Liberals are lying about me again") and demanding that Joan Walsh owes an apology to her:

Since Anthony Weiner's press conference, Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch have been running around whining about how unfairly they were treated, what with people pointing out their histories of dishonesty and all. Loesch has in particular been directing her ire at Salon's Joan Walsh and hilariously demanding an apology (BTW, did Loesch ever apologize to the UMKC and UMSL professors she slandered?). Loesch is upset because Walsh tweeted that the "Breitbart empire" and other conservative blogs revealed the personal information of the woman who received the text, thus leading an army of neanderthals (my words not Walsh's) to pick through every detail of the victim's personal life.

News for you, moron Dana: YOU owe Eric Boehlert, Joan Walsh, and people YOU have defamed an apology!

Why the hell does CNN allow her on their network to fib at will with no repercussions, when she once criticized them?

Considering all that, Loesch's move out in front of the camera almost seems an inevitable addition to her other gigs: hosting a talk radio program in St. Louis and editing Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism website, where she helped break the Weinergate scandal. And yet CNN is also a bit of an odd fit: Big Journalism's mission is "to hold the mainstream media's feet to the fire." CNN is part of that mainstream by pretty much every definition, and so there were howls of sellout! from the Tea Party faithful when she inked the deal. Loesch herself has said acerbic things about the network in the past, calling it among other things "the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads" and slamming its "blatant disregard for objectivity."

It's little wonder that Loesch ended up working for Breitbart, the former Matt Drudge underling turned conservative new-media kingpin who loves nothing more than manufacturing (see ACORN) or stoking (see Weinergate) a liberal scandal. Loesch has herself used new media to spearhead a couple of high-profile, Breitbart-style takedowns, like "Dump Dede," a blog that sought to prevent New York State "RINO" Dede Scozzafava from winning a seat in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. When Scozzafava subsequently withdrew from the race, it became a major bragging point for Loesch, who still highlights it in her Big Journalism bio. More recently, she stirred up rage against Wonkette after a blog post tastelessly mocked Trig Palin; when advertisers withdrew, the post was eventually pulled.

Loesch's ease in both worlds, and her frequent emphasis on her conversion from liberal to conservative, makes her something of a type: a Woman Who Saw the Light.

She became a Conservative, around the time of 9/11, as frequently mentioned on The Dana Show.

Like Coulter, you're never quite sure what Loesch believes and what's meant to provoke, but of the two women, she is, on the whole, the far more sincere one.

Um, Loesch makes Coultergeist and Malkin look sane in comparison.

This is more solid proof that Loesch has ties to these members of the "Circle of Corruption."

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