Yet more Islamophobia peddled from Dana Loesch's lying mouth

Dana Loesch, St. Louis's leading liar and rapidly morphing into big-time looneyland, is attempting to claim that the "Muslim Brotherhood were inspired by YMCA." Typical of her Islamophobic and racist screeds.

In what way was the Muslim Brotherhood “inspired by” the YMCA? By the way the YMCA doesn’t assassinate leaders? Or that it’s comprised of people whose Christian faith would get them killed in many Arab countries? The Brotherhood was aligned with Nazis during the 30s and, after the fall of the Istanbul caliphate, filled the void of Muslim unity. It wasn’t “inspired” by the YMCA; it was “inspired” by the hole left after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Anwar Sadat

He was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fact is that Sadat was NOT assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, which Loesch distorted as usual with her. She will stop at nothing to damage Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Unions to her careless fact-free agenda enacted.

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  1. I dislike Ms. Community Organizer as the next buy. But, yo be honest, Dana wasn't too far off here. The assassins were reportedly members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and were "associated" with the Muslim Brotherhood. It's also thought that Omar Abdel-Rahman (the blind sheik) was responsible for the kill.

    Still, for her to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible is, uh, irresponsible.


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