BENGHAZI! On FNC's The Kelly File, Dana Loesch makes baseless attacks against Hillary Clinton

The lying huckster Dana Loesch is back at it again... this time it's the peddling of right-wing misinformation about Benghazi to attack Hillary Clinton on The Kelly File.

During a Fox News segment discussing the release of the Clinton presidency documents, conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch accused Hillary Clinton of strategically using her concussion to avoid testifying on Benghazi while instead vacationing in the Dominican Republic. But the State Department confirmed that neither of the Clintons traveled to the Dominican Republic in December 2012. 
Discussing the Clinton papers on Fox News' The Kelly File, guest host Shannon Bream implied that Hillary Clinton herself strategically cultivated rumors about her own health for her benefit. Loesch seized the opportunity to push the Benghazi hoax, accusing Clinton of taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic while using her concussion to avoid testifying before Congress about the Benghazi attack.

From the 02.28.2014 edition of FNC's The Kelly File:

LOESCH: I campaigned for the Clintons when I was in college and I used to be a registered Democrat and I saw some of how the machine worked. And there are few women in politics that are as slick as Hillary Clinton. I may disagree with her on everything, but on this, she is very strategic. And so I keep going back as when they were getting ready to have the hearings on Benghazi, she had a concussion, but then she wasn't able to testify. And then a couple of days later she flew to the Dominican Republic and attended an event for Oscar de La Renta. So, could be strategic minor changes to get some empathy, we'll see. 


Fake "Christian" Homophobic Extremist Dana Loesch defends odiously anti-LGBTQ Arizona SB1062

Crass homophobic idiot Dana Loesch has defended Arizona's odious SB1062 bill that discriminates against LGBTQ folks, a bill that BOTH of Arizona's GOP Senators (McCain and Flake) and 2012 GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney want vetoed, along with many businesses and the Super Bowl Committee.

Arizona's Republican Governor Jan Brewer is almost certainly expected to veto the bill, which should render the bill dead; however, SB1062 still could get potentially passed via a veto override of 2/3rds of both the House and Senate of that state.

Tim Peacock at Peacock Panache:
Should non-religious businesses operating in the private market be forced to serve the public regardless of race, religion, veteran status, disability, etc.? That's the issue conservative radio host Dana Loesch addressed on Twitter last night as she discussed Arizona's controversial SB 1062 - deemed the 'license to discriminate' act. Despite massive conservative resistance to the legislation, the ever-controversial Loesch still seems to believe (and promote) the concept that business owners should be able to refuse service not just to LGBT people, but to anyone they want. 

Over the course of several tweets to her official Twitter account last night, she laid out her argument stating at one point that it is "Truly shocking how many people think that the government has the right to force another person to use their talents for state decree." She continued, "I'd support the right of a gay baker to refuse the Westboro cult a cake. Their labor, their choice. This is freedom." 

As most people are aware, the latter would be in violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act's prohibition on religious discrimination in places of public accommodation; but that's the point of her hyperbolic argument though. By taking the idea of being allowed to refuse service to its absolute extreme, Loesch hopes her attempts to attack the civil rights of everyday LGBT citizens in Arizona won't seem crass and overstated. She wants to seem like the hero in defending the very same arguments used by Jim Crow era segregationists. 

This is not surprising, given her anti-LGBTQ animus that she has displayed in the past.

Joe Jervis at Joe.My.God.:


Dana Loesch provides cover for supporting deranged bigots Ted Nugent and James O'Keefe

Today, Tea Party hack Dana Loesch is attacking Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas for helping out registered voters via BGTX. Regular Dana Show guest and video manipulator James O'Keefe baselessly accused BGTX of breaking voter registration laws, and Loesch defending his viewpoint.

Texas Tribune:
Battleground Texas strongly disputes breaking any laws and said a flap over its registration efforts has Republicans running scared. At issue is a videotaped conversation with Battleground Texas volunteers in Bexar County. It was gathered surreptitiously by controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe, who has sent people posing as interested volunteers to infiltrate Democratic or liberal activist groups, after which he disseminates video that was secretly gathered. 
In the video, an unedited version of which The Texas Tribune reviewed, a Battleground voter registration coordinator is quoted as saying the group takes phone numbers gathered as part of the registration process. She said the phone numbers would be used to call the voters close to election time to urge them to vote. 
“Once we register people to vote tonight, we will all turn in our cards and our data person will enter, not all the information, but name, address and phone number,” the Battleground representative says. “We can then call everyone here and say, 'Hi, I registered you to vote.'” 
O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, which has been known to manipulate videos to make them seem more damaging to the people in them, claims Battleground broke state election law by collecting the phone numbers.
Battleground Texas spokesman Ellis Brachman said the group "fully complies with the law." He also took note of O'Keefe's controversial past, which includes a guilty plea to entering a federal building under false pretenses.  
“Let’s be clear: James O’Keefe is an admitted criminal with a long and well-documented record of misleading attacks who is trying to make sure that fewer Texans are able to vote. The real story here is that Battleground Texas volunteers are patriotically working to get more Texans involved in our democracy," Brachman said.  "O’Keefe and his Republican allies in Texas are scared of our success and are doing everything they can to interfere.” 
A Democratic election law expert, Buck Wood of Austin, expressed doubt that any crime occurred. He said the plain language of the statute makes it clear that the volunteer registrars are not considered to be county officials. He said the law was intended to ensure the government isn’t disseminating private information and doesn’t address what volunteers who get a phone number from a would-be voter at a county fair booth, for example, can do with the information.
The facts are this: BGTX did NOT break laws or commit crimes whatsoever, in contrast to what video manipulating huckster O'Keefe falsely said otherwise.

Pants-Pooping Draft-Dodging Phony Patriot Ted Nugent and Loesch have been closely connected together with vicious pro-2nd Amendment extremism rhetoric.

Her tweets that make tired baseless attacks on Wendy Davis and BGTX, while protecting and defending James O'Keefe, Greg Abbott, and Ted Nugent:

Hey Mrs. Liaresch, Wendy Davis has REAL Texas values, and not Nugent, Abbott, or you.

Just shut the fuck up, you right-wing anti-abortion asshole!

True The Vote is a voter suppression outfit, while Battleground Texas helps people register to vote.

Dana, abortion is NOT "female genocide," you anti-choice twit. And conservatives generally have very low respect for women.

More on Loesch's deliberate falsehoods on the war on women, attacks on [Democratic/liberal] women, birth control, and pro-choice viewpoints:  

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