On KFTK's The Dana Show, Loesch defends Akin against the "GOP Establishment that wants him to drop out"

Today on KFTK's The Dana Show, she attacked the "GOP establishment" for urging Todd Akin to drop out of the Missouri Senate race against Claire McCaskill. Loesch chose to stand by Akin and his dreadfully offensive comments, something that even fellow "Occupy The Truth" Rally participant Michelle MalkinAnn CoulterMark LevinSean Hannity, Senator John CornynSenator Scott Brown, and other prominent Fixed Noise personalities didn't encourage. Surprisingly, there was no reaction (yet) from Rush Limbaugh, as Douglas Urbanksi subbed for The Drugster today. I bet Rush will defend Akin whenever he gets back from Oxycontin smuggling.

From the 08.20.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

 Guess who else defended Todd Akin? 2008 GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, who endorsed Akin's opponent Sarah Steelman in the GOP Primary for MO-Sen.

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