Pro-GOP mouthpiece Dana Loesch baselessly accuses Robin Carnahan and Eric Holder of neglecting Joplin Tornado victims b/c the area voted Republican

Pro-Kinder mouthpiece Dana Loesch and the rest of the right-wing lie machine are seizing on this falsehood that "Obama, Carnahan, Koster, Holder, and Nixon are ignoring 10,000+ voters in tornado-ravaged and heavily Republican Joplin."  The fact-free imbecile Loesch used multiple falsehoods on this story, including the smear that she was linked to the now-defunct ACORN and blamed this on Holder and Obama.

Dana Loesch's BFF Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R):

Ed Martin:

Eric Holder accused Florida lawmakers of disenfranchisment when the state took to cleaning up ineligible voters (due to death or felony) from its voter rolls. That same DOJ has been silent about a story brewing out of southern Missouri; after suffering through one of the worst tornados in history, Joplin residents will now face losing their vote
Asking Robin Carnahan for assistance when she's already refused to clean up Missouri voter rolls seems fruitless, but it can't hurt. Carnahan has in the past been linked to ACORN, and the state has fought voter fraud for years. It seems only logical to question whether or not the Secretary of State and DOJ's reluctance to intervene is because the 10,000 Joplin tornado victims are heavily Republican. 
President Obama and Eric Holder often talk of how the government can help, and they preach against the evils of disenfranchising voters. So where are they? 

She [Dana The Distortion Artist] is indeed out of touch with what's going on.

The actual facts, NOT the GOP-biased spin on 10,000+ voter registration cards returned in Jasper County, Missouri (via the Joplin Globe):

JOPLIN, Mo. — Registration cards for more than 10 percent of Jasper County’s approximately 80,000  voters have been returned by the post office, County Clerk Bonnie Earl said Monday.
New cards, which must be sent to voters each two years, were mailed out earlier in July. But about 10,000 cards have been sent back because the addresses on them were no longer valid. That’s going to pose a problem for voters — and election officials — at the Aug. 7 primary election, said the clerk.
Election officials say many of the cards being returned were sent to residents in Joplin and Duquesne who moved after their homes were damaged or destroyed in the May 22, 2011, tornado but have not yet changed their address with election officials.
Voters can make address changes at offices of the county clerk in the Carthage courthouse and on the second floor of the county courts building at 6th Street and Pearl Avenue in Joplin. Offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the week, and will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

The always-reliable Randy Turner has more on the Joplin story (via Daily Kos):

I am anticipating that the scandal will continue to grow over the next few days with all of those who are attacking the president, the attorney general, the governor, the secretary of state, and other Democratic officials overlooking a few facts. 
1.    The chief election official in Jasper County, County Clerk Bonnie Earl, is a Republican. And I don’t say that to cast any blame on her. If she were needing help, she would have asked. Sending out the voter ID cards gave her the first indication of what the situation is in Joplin and Jasper County. Some might ask why that step has not already been taken since numerous elections have occurred between May 22, 2011, and now. 
2.    The Joplin Globe article that first revealed the problem did not have any mention of people not being allowed to vote. It said that those who do not have the new voter ID cards will probably face some problems. In other words, it is likely it will take longer for them to vote or they may have to cast provisional ballots. 
3.    It would not do the Democratic Party any good for those voters to be disenfranchised this Tuesday. It is a primary election so it will not have any effect whatsoever on the race between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. Election officials now have three months to fix the problem and certainly have incentive to do so, especially since those election officials are Republican in a state where close races are expected for some statewide offices and for a U. S. Senate seat. 
4.    Don’t think there are any Jasper County Democratic officials who will stand in the way. County Republican primary winners are guaranteed election because no Democrats are running. Nor are there any Democratic officeholders.
All of these things were conveniently overlooked as statewide Republican officials and so far, one national right-wing rabble-rouser (with more undoubtedly to come) sought to capitalize one more time on the Joplin Tornado.

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