Loony Loesch fills in for Beck on both TV and Radio; tells more outright dishonest fibs

Yesterday, CNN "contributor" and far-right loon Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn Beck on both his streaming TV show and on radio. As expected, Loesch repeated her usual lies and distortions.

Firstly on Beck's radio program (whose show airs before The Dana Show on KFTK), she criticized GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney for NOT repeating the baseless conspiracy she and Bachmann, to name a few Islamophobes, falsely claim that "Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating our government."

From the 08.06.2012 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

Later in the radio program, Loesch mentioned her her conversion to Liberal to Conservative political viewpoints:

This morning on the radio show, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn who is away on vacation. Many of you may know her from CNN, Breitbart news, or even her guest spots right here on GBTV, but Dana wasn’t always the strong conservative that she is today. In fact, prior to September 11th, Dana was a pretty hardcore liberal. 
“I’m a reformed liberal,” Dana said this morning while introducing herself to the Glenn Beck radio audience. 
She continued, explaining that she had her “come to Jesus moment” on 9/11 as she watched the towers falls on her television. She realized in that moment that the ideology which she had believed in doesn’t work in reality – there are repercussions. 
Dana, who grew up in a home of southern Democrats in Missouri, had already started her journey towards conservatism prior to 9/11 after being disenfranchised by the left’s treatment of Hilary Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Having a background in journalism, she began writing for a couple of daily newspapers, did a few television spots here and there, and right before the 2008 election Dana got involved in radio.

Loony Loesch used to write for the Post-Dispatch until March 3rd, 2008 as the Mamalogues columnist. The blog Mamalogues shut down in 2010. Nowadays, she's known for peddling far-right smears and lies to an national audience on radio, blogs, and TV.

Later in the day, on Glenn Beck's TV program, she falsely declared that "your religious freedoms are under attack, as of August 1st."

From the 08.06.2012 edition of TheBlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Show: 

“Religious liberty was legislated out of existence without public outcry.  American business-owners are now responsible for the results that stem from sexual decisions made by supposedly independent women…”
“Business-owners with less than 50 employees face higher premiums, or they can pay a penalty of up to $100, per employee, per day.  But more importantly, these business-owners are told that they have to subsidize the private choices of workers regardless of their own religious beliefs or practices.”

Wrong, Dana!  The "birth control mandate" does NOT take away your religious freedoms away.

She had on Brandon Darby, and both smeared DOJ and Holder for allegedly NOT preventing child trafficking:

From the 08.06.2012 edition of TheBlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Show: 

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