Dana Loesch falsely implies that "McCaskill and Democrats want to control women"

Oh, the embarassment! CNN "contribtuor" and Akin apologist Dana Loesch is falsely implying that the "Democrats want to control women." From Big Government:

Democrats are desperate to change the subject from their losing battle on Medicare to government control of health. GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin made a ridiculous comment regarding his opinion on rape and abortion after which Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill and the DNC claimed that Akin wants to control women's bodies. This coming from the woman and party who championed Obamacare, a law that will legitimately control all women's bodies, and men's bodies, too.  
Under Obamacare women's decisions on their health will be overseen by a litany of bureaucrats.  

Claire McCaskill invited Uncle Sam into the doctor examination rooms of millions of American women by championing Obamacare. This isn't her opinion, it's not "misspeech,"she made it law

This, of course, is a big fat 5-star lie by Loesch. In fact, the PPACA benefits women.

Eric Boehlert, Loesch's primary nemesis, takes down both her and fellow contributor Erick Erickson down a few pegs, via MMFA:

Thanks to Erickson and Loesch, CNN today is associated with a radical position on the Akin story that outflanks anything even Fox News commentators are saying about the controversy.  
This is the price CNN continues to pay for wanting so badly to be connected with representative of the right-wing press. Perhaps in search of shields to protect itself from the incessant whines about "liberal media bias," CNN's decision to legitimize the strange views of Loesch and Erickson remains a deeply misguided one. 
Akin's comments about women not really being in danger of becoming pregnant during a rape because their bodies instinctively "shut that whole thing down" were so outrageous that many conservative commentatorsquickly condemned him, even demanding Akin step down as the Republican candidate challenging Democrat Claire McCaskill. 
Some very prominent Republican politicians have also spoken out.  
But not Loesch and Erickson. The CNN bloggers defiantly came to Akin's side, with Loesch claiming he had simply "failed a soundbite" trying to express a "medical statement about rape." And besides, Erickson argued Democrats are guilty of far worse crimes, like passing health care reform.
From Erickson last night:
And Loesch:That kind of yeah-but spin is not only juvenile, but it's completely irrelevant and embarrassing to watch. (Erickson even tried reviving an old falsehood about Obama supporting "infanticide" in order to advance his Akin spin.)

BOTH Erickson and Loesch need to be sent packing from CNN!

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