Loesch on KFTK's The Dana Show: "Progressive Women Suffer From 'Fake Leg Syndrome.'"

Yet another edition of St. Louis's favorite cuckoolander radio host Dana Loesch embarrassing herself, her employers, and decency. On yesterday's edition of The Dana Show, she falsely distorted the claim that "progressive women suffer from 'fake leg syndrome.'"

From the 05.07.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Partial Transcript:
LOESCH: "Apparently, there's a medical condition that progressive women suffer-- suffering from that I'm unaware. What is that? The phantom leg syndrome? What is that? I know that's a real condition. I've heard about it. Is it called fake leg--?"
PRODUCER: "Isn't like hyphocondria or something?"
LOESCH: "Maybe it's restless leg syndrome."
LOESCH: "But it may be along those lines, medically speaking. Because apparently progressive women have an inability to get up on their two legs and and walk with their two legs to the Target, or to the Costco, or a non-Planned Parenthood clinic, and buy for themselves birth control that is as cheap as $9. I don't understand why everyone else's premiums are jacked up so that we can pretend that they're getting something for free."

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