On yesterday's edition of The Dana Show, homophobe Loesch trashes Dan Savage

Yesterday on KFTK's The Dana Showhomophobic nutcase Dana Loesch falsely accused Dan Savage, Liberals, and the LGBTQ movement of acting like "[anti-Christian] bullies."

From the 04.30.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:
CNN's Loesch: Dan Savage Exploited Anti-LGBT Bullying Because "Nobody Was Reading His Damn Columns Anymore"

Who's doing and exploiting bullies now? It's NOT Savage.

CNN's Loesch: "I've Never Seen People Care Less For Gay Rights Than Progressives"

Wrong again, Ms. Loesch!

CNN's Loesch: "'It Gets Better' Campaign Is A 'Front' To Raise Dan Savage's Image"

The "It Gets Better" campaign is a helpful tool, you lying right-wing buttmunch!

CNN's Loesch Agrees With Caller Who Accuses Dan Savage Of Trying To "Take Out Homosexual Rage On Children" | Equality Matters

We got more proof that Loesch is indeed a raging homophobe.

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