Dana Loesch on GBTV's The Glenn Beck Show

Today on GBTV's The Glenn Beck Show, KFTK (whose station carries Beck's radio show prior to The Dana Show and fellow employer Dave Glover as an occasional fill-in) radio host Dana Loesch filled in for the too deranged for Fixed Noise Glenn Beck.

Loesch's interview with former Liberal-turned-Conservative Brandon Darby (a Dana Show regular):

From the 05.29.2012 edition of GBTV's The Glenn Beck Show:

Tonight on GBTV, guest host Dana Loesch was joined by Brandon Darby. Brandon has one of the most interesting life stories of anyone you will ever come across.
Brandon Darby, now a conservative activist, spent much of his life fighting for the left. Brandon describes his transformation to the right as “a process.” After turning in a Palestinian radical to the FBI for plotting to filter money to radical groups that were using the money to fund violence against Israelis, he began work as an FBI informant.
While working as an informant he helped expose and stop an attack at the 2008 GOP convention. This event revealed Brandon as an informant and quickly put him to the top of the ‘left’s most hated’ list. Brandon now works to expose the far left and those behind Occupy Wall Street. Darby joined forces with the late Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Bannon and many others for a film called Occupy Unmasked.

Loesch had on Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch (R) (another Dana Show regular) to defend her against being recalled:

From the 05.29.2012 edition of GBTV's The Glenn Beck Show:

Sorry to burst your bubble, Dana, but Kleefisch AND Walker will be recalled next week, no matter how much prostituting (aka shilling) you do for the anti-Recall (pro-Walker/Kleefisch) side!

Loesch then falsely accused "the left of bullying conservatives" and misleadingly declared that "Madeleine McAulay's freedoms were being stifled for her pro-'traditional marriage' views."

From the 05.29.2012 edition of GBTV's The Glenn Beck Show:

I think this is a sign that Loesch's 3 hour liefest may be getting national syndication soon.

Loesch made my Top 5 worst St. Louisans of all-time, at #2:

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