Discredited hack Ed Klein on KFTK's The Dana Show: "Obama is a secret Muslim"

On today's edition of The Dana Show, discredited Islamophobic fringe right-winger Ed Klein, who wrote the anti-Obama book entitled The Amateur, was falsely claiming that Obama was a "practicing Muslim." And of course vile liar Dana Loesch let him lie his ass off without a rebuttal.

Loesch asked Klein about a passage in his book in which he spoke with Wright about Obama’s time at the Trinity United Church of Christ, which says it welcomes members of all faiths and religions:
LOESCH: One of the stories that comes from your book is that you say that Jeremiah Wright told you that he helped Barack Obama accept Christianity without denouncing Islam. Now the natural question then for me to ask is, is Jeremiah Wright saying that Barack Obama is Islamic? 
KLEIN: I asked him that question, that exact question. I said ‘did you convert Barack Obama from Islam to Christianity?’ He said ‘it’s hard to say. It’s hard to say.’ He said, and then I asked him again, I said ‘do you think he was a Muslim?’ He said ‘no I don’t think he was a Muslim.’ I think he said ‘he was steeped in Islam. He grew up understanding Islam. As a child and as a teenager he understood Islam. But he did not understand Christianity.’

From the 05.17.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

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