Her BFF Larry Conners has been fired from KMOV, will be a guest on The Dana Show tomorrow

Over the past week plus, KFTK hatemonger radio host Dana Loesch has been on a crusade defending the former longtime KMOV anchor and GOP shill Larry Conners, as he made very controversial comments regarding the IRS and then subsequently lied about it.

Larry Conners, St. Louis' longest-tenured anchorman, has been fired from KMOV (Channel 4).
In a statement posted on the station's website aboput 3:30 p.m., president and general manager Mark Pimentel said: "We regret to announce that Larry Conners is no longer a KMOV news reporter." 
The action comes after a series of events that began last week when Conners alleged he was targeted by the Internal Revenue Service after interviewing President Barack Obama in 2012
Pimentel added that Conners' actions also would have caused problems if he had been allowed to "report on the current (Obama) adminstration." 

Conners, 66, spent 37 years in St. Louis television — the last 27 as an anchor at KMOV — and won numerous local Emmy Awards.  
Professionally, Conners has been taking hits at KMOV, which replaced him in late April with former sportscaster Steve Savard (alongside Sharon Reed) on the marquee 10 p.m. newscast.
The recently fired Conners will join Loesch on her radio show tomorrow to spew out more lies and venom.
Larry Conners will be on my program tomorrow. My staff has also reached out to Pimentel to join as well.
Conners was supposed to have been on The Dana Show last week, but KMOV staff (thankfully) prohibited it.

From my other blog on Blogspot, JGibsonBlog:

As you may have heard in the news recently, veteran KMOV news anchor (and right-wing hero) Larry Conners (@lconnersnews4) is in really hot water because he claimed (falsely) that he was "harassed by the IRS"  after his infamous interview with President Obama last year in which he asked right-wing gotcha questions (most notably the "Obamas take too much vacations" lie promulgated through the wingnut universe).

From the 05.14.2013 edition of KMOV's News 4 at 6:

“First, I need to state those were my personal views, not those of KMOV-TV,” Conners said (video above). “Second, to be fair, I should disclose that my issues with the IRS preceded that interview by several years. As a journalist I understand the importance of keeping personal matters separate from my professional work — sometimes you have to do that retain your independence as a newsman. Those lines might have been unintentionally crossed yesterday by my [Facebook] post.”

It is WELL past time that KMOV (the CBS affiliate in St. Louis) gets rid of GOP shill Larry Conners permanently, especially after his latest incident with the IRS and lying about it. I bet he has a slot on rabid-right hate talker KFTK 97.1 FM lined up for him, along with his fellow former KMOV employees Marc Cox (Sunday Nights and weekday fill-in) and Jamie Allman (weekday morning drive-time).
Turns out, he was fired today, and I'm glad that he is gone from KMOV. Anything that makes Dana Loesch (and her ignorant right-wing nutsack hubby Chris) mad is good for St. Louis.


Guess who's headlining CPAC STL? It's none other than STL's #1 liar Dana Loesch

Guess who's going to be the star of CPAC STL later this year?


ST. LOUIS   •   St. Louis will host a regional Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in September, the American Conservative Union announced today. 

The St. Louis CPAC will partner with St. Louis-based radio host Dana Loesch and FM NewsTalk 97.1 (KFTK), as well as the Show-Me Institute, according to a statement. It's scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Further information is available at http://conservative.org/cpac/stlouis/#

If you guessed the #1 smear artist in St. Louis, Dana Loesch, you are right on.
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