Anti-LGBTQ sourpuss Dana Loesch smears STL City Alderman Shane Cohn over LGBT Pride light displays

Rabid homophobic foe of LGBTQ rights Dana Loesch does what she does best: complain and whine. And this time, it's directed at Shane Cohn (@shanecohn on Twitter), a St. Louis City Alderman representing the 25th Ward, for spending money on using rainbow lighting for the St. Louis PrideFest this weekend and the victory of DOMA's overturning by SCOTUS.

The RedState contributor wrote wrote lies about the lighting for PrideFest:

St. Louis celebrated the defeat of DOMA and Prop 8 with lights: 
The Civil Courts Building has been showing off rainbow LED lighting most of this week.  Soldiers Memorial will switch over to the colors this weekend for St. Louis Pride Fest, which has moved to downtown.
Ward 25 Alderman Shane Cohn secured $15,000 in capital improvement money for the lights.  Cohn said a company matched that amount.
Where did Cohn get that $15,000 in “capital improvement money?”
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 11.45.22 AM

So are Christians, like myself, who are also city residents.
My city is struggling with crime and an alderman takes taxpayer money to use as a political statement in a ward that’s not even his? And to additionally make the memorial for our soldiers part of the display? We’re struggling financially and with a crime wave and we can appropriate tax dollars for this?

You, ma'am, are a fucking windbag, Dana! And as Cohn properly points out, LGBTQ people are also taxpayers and citizens, something bigoted assholes like Loesch doesn't get.

Her smears of Alderman Cohn and Mayor Francis Slay on Twitter:

Dana, you are BOTH anti-gay and sexist at the same time.

Cohn's rebuttals:


Dana Loesch lies about DOMA, falsely declares it to be the "Democrats' baby" [UPDATED]

Dana Loesch got caught red-handed lying again, on DOMA. She thinks DOMA was all the "Democrats and Bill Clinton's fault." WRONG!

Her twitter posts on the on the ruling that threw out DOMA and Prop 8:

UPDATE (06.26.2013, 9:30PM CDT):
The STL P-D's Kevin McDermott takes brazen idiot Dana Loesch to task for blatantly lying about DOMA.

Kevin McDermott at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
The problem is, she also gets creative in outlining the history of the federal anti-gay-marriage law that was struck down. She strongly implies that law was a Democratic idea that Republicans have always opposed.  

As for the rest — Democrats "championing" its passage, Clinton offering “fervent” support, Republicans proudly lining up with their revered Log Cabin leaders in a principled quest to stop it … Well, no.
In the end, the Republican-controlled Congress passed the Republican-sponsored bill through both chambers, with all but one Republican voting “yes.” A majority of congressional Democrats also supported it, though dozens of them voted “no.” Clinton — in an act that, even then, was widely portrayed as classic Clintonian triangulation in an election year — signed the bill with zero fanfare, literally in the middle of the night.


Dana Loesch at the Audit The IRS rally: she lied her ass off as usual

Massive liar Dana Loesch spoke at the #AuditTheIRS rally on Wednesday, and she basically accused the Democrats and the IRS of "cheating" to beat Mitt Romney in 2012 and used the "we built it" line that Mittens used during the 2012 Presidential Election season.

She was telling numerous lies during her short speech

She went on to TheBlazeTV's Glenn Beck Program with substitute host Stu Burguiere later that day.

From the 06.19.2013 edition of TheBlaze TV's Glenn Beck Program:


Once again, flagrant liar Dana Loesch has zero clue about Colorado politics

Tea Party liar and gun nut d-bag Dana Loesch is in hot water again, and this time, she falsely claims that Colorado State Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) is "being a racist for opposing a recall." And she has a history of lying about Colorado Democrats.

She makes an asshole response to Giron on her blog.


According to Giron’s logic, it’s racist then that she wants to disarm these Hispanics.

No, Ms. Loesch, Giron is NOT racist.

ColoradoPols.com diarist PolitiComm calls out Loesch's absurd BS and lack of legitimate facts regarding Colorado Politics:

Missouri native Dana Loesch–with no knowledge of race history or Pueblo politics–wants you to believe that the recall against Senator Angela Giron in Pueblo is in no way race or gender motivated. She cites the fact that Latino Representatives Ed Vigil and Leroy Garcia aren't being recalled as proof positive that the recall against Giron isn't in any way race related. The problem is those gal darn conservative pals of hers who spent an entire legislative session race and gender baiting Senator Giron and others. 
Before we get to the nitty gritty, we'll cast misogyny aside for a lesson in Colorado race history: Assuming that people identify as Latino based on their surname is prejudiced in itself. Loesch likely assumes, since she probably didn't ask Representatives Vigil and Garcia, that their Spanish surnames mean they think of themselves as Latino. Colorado reality check: The Spanish are European and many families with Spanish surnames have been here since the Spanish granted them land long before the Mexican-American War. Hence, many people with Spanish surnames in Colorado don't identify as Latino.  
Loesch's barely-west-of-the-Mississippi mentality certainly makes an ass out of her, but what's got me hot are the racist, misogynist asses she's dismissing or, worse, parroting. 

More on Loesch's idiocy and falsehoods on Guns and the 2nd Amendment:  

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