Dana Loesch smears another pro-gun safety advocate: Jim Carrey

Guess who's smearing gun safety supporters again? If you said the shithead Dana Loesch, then you'd be correct. She smeared Jim Carrey (a celebrity that she used to admire) for simply releasing a song that bashes Charlton Heston and NRA entitled "Cold Dead Hand."

Typical from this useless NRA shill Loesch.

The facts about the song:

Jim Carrey has become the latest Hollywood star to wade into the gun control debate. The actor teamed up with Funny or Die to release a song Monday, titled "Cold Dead Hand," that goes after gun rights advocates, specifically former NRA chief Charlton Heston, who died in 2008. 


The late Charlton Heston might be rolling in his grave today thanks to Jim Carrey, who debuted a new satirical song about gun enthusiasts appropriately titled, "Cold Dead Hand." 
The Funny Or Die music video features Carrey and alt-rock band Eels as "Lonesome Earl And The Clutterbusters," a country band on a TV show set inspired by the classic variety show, "Hee Haw." Carrey also portrays the aforementioned Heston, who is continuously mocked throughout the song for his NRA spokesman-ship. Carrey even implies that Heston and all other gun enthusiasts buy weapons to compensate for having, um, "diminished" sexual organs. 
Carrey, who has openly supported gun control, said in a release: “I find the gun problem frustrating and ‘Cold Dead Hand’ is my fun little way of expressing that frustration."

More on Loesch's idiocy and falsehoods on Guns and the 2nd Amendment:  

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