Loesch makes more anti-marriage equality talking points and distorts the truth (as usual)

Anti-LGBTQ rights/marriage equality crank case asshat Dana Loesch wrote on Fixed Noise (and former CNN colleague)'s Erick Erickson's RedState blog today to peddle misleading lies about marriage equality:

I’ve no issue with same sex couples entering into contractual agreements with each other or sharing benefits (the military decisions should be made by those with the credit of service day in and day out, not civilian advocacy groups). Isn’t that the goal of this conflict? If so, to me, that’s an issue separate from marriage. In suing over “marriage” itself one is demanding that God change His definition of the union between a man and a woman. If recognition of status, ease with other contractual obligations, and other issues are the issues, why the need to force people of faith to alter recognition of God’s Word on the matter? The people may bend as reeds to lawfare, but God will not. Frankly, I see no point in being on any side other than God’s on any matter, and God is more small government than any player in the scene.
She believes in the so-called "marriage is between a man and a woman only" farce.  A fine excuse to be a homophobe, Dana.

Loesch further distorts the truth on LGBTQ rights with her anti-marriage equality screed on RedState:

Really, this isn’t about gay rights. The left doesn’t give a damn about gay rights. Remember, it was the left that instituted Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and it was a Republican group that led the charge to repeal it. The left hasn’t done anything for the gay community except to offer it lip service and inaction. While leftist groups fight for “marriage equality” the Obama administration makes marriage an economic hit with horrible policy. You got bait and switched, leftists! No, the left cares nothing for gay rights, but they’ll pretend to if they can use the bloc as a wedge to pry the populace from the influence of the church. Why? because it’s easier to convince people that their civil liberties fall under the dominion of man, of government, if the church is portrayed as inept and anachronistic. This is the entire goal. Once man, sinful, awful man controls your rights, your existence as an individual ends and your life as a statist serf begins.
So no, “marriage equality” is emphatically not a conservative value or tactic. Anything where the solution is an invitation for government intervention should be viewed with utmost suspicion.

Really, Dana!? The left doesn't give a damn about gay rights? Oh, yes, us leftists/progressives/civil libertarians care a lot about this issue, moreso than you. She also falsely accused the left of instituting DOMA, when it was the conservatives back in the 1990's that forced it into law.

Also, the left has done FAR MORE than "lip service" to the LGBTQ community. If anything, it's kooks like you and GOProud that do "lip service" to the LGBTQ community.

She even played the debunked "Christians have fewer rights" canard:
There are even more examples, some listed on this page, some not, as they are numerous. Pastors in Canada are already facing lawsuits for simply preaching about marriage from the Bible. Tolerance is demanded of Christians but in this pluralistic society, little, if any, tolerance is afforded to Christian beliefs. Christians aren’t the antagonists here, but they do seem to have fewer rights than those engaging in lawfare to bring about forced acceptance.

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