Homophobic moron Dana Loesch: "The Left uses Gays as a political pawn"

On Tuesday's edition of The Dana Show, far-right homophobic hate-spewing radio host Dana Loesch misleadingly accused "the left of using Gays and Lesbians as pawns against conservatives." Not surprising, given her history of ridiculing the LGBTQ community.

From the 02.21.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

LOESCH: "When it comes to gay marriage-- to be frank, I believe the left uses gay people as pawns. I believe they use gay people and lesbians pawns against conservatives. They don't care about rights; otherwise, they would be more critical of how they're oppressed and murdered in Islamic countries. But it's used as a wedge between citizens and the church."  
"When you get into a situation-- about 6 months ago, I did an entire show on how the government is busting up into churches in the United States and infringing upon the rights to freely practice their religion because of this issue. There was a couple who owned a photography business in New Mexico, and they declined to photograph a same-sex marriage couple because they has certain Christian beliefs and they were very sorry and wished them the best of luck. The people actually took the photographers to court, sued them, bankrupted them, and shut their business down."

What a fringe moron this radio host is.

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