Dana Loesch and her lying cronies continue to misleadingly accuse Keith Olbermann of "defending rapists"

The Breitbart/Loesch Axis of Evil continue to purposefully mislead their readers about Keith Olbermann and the OWS Movement, falsely accusing Olbermann of "defending rapists," when that's not true at all.

The factless Dana Loesch was making up her usual bullshit regarding the Occupy Movement and Olbermann for having the guts to condemn Breitbart's bogus lies in her blogposts at Big "Journalism."

Keith Olbermann published a weak spin of his defense of rapists and exploitation of women’s bodies for political profit. His excuse? No one who did the raping and attacking was identified as an Occupier. Really? How are people not at Occupy protests raping people? 
Let’s examine Olbermann’s premise: 
Occupiers were the victims. Perpetrators were not Occupiers. 
A 26-year-old Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker named Tonye Iketubosin was arrested today in connection to two sexual assaults in Zuccotti Park. The first is the rape of an 18-year-old girl whom Iketubosin invited to share his tent on Saturday morning; the second, the groping of a 17-year-old. 
Iketubosin is a Crown Heights native and had reportedly been working in the OWS kitchen for about a week. 
Gothamist found another kitchen worker who said that Iketubosin went by the name “Tonye Parks” and that “He was a genuinely nice guy…he came to get shit done.”
Iketubosin is being charged with sexual abuse, according to DCPI. 
Hold up — Keith Olbermann assured us on the show above public access that this simply wasn’t true. But the NYP wrote of it as well. Yikes. Looks like Olbermann was wrong. 
What say you, Olbermann? And don’t take another day to dodge the facts.

No, Loesch is the one that's dodging the facts, NOT Olbermann.

It's not just Dana, but her cronies in the Axis of Evil getting in the Olbermann/OWS bashfest as well:

Lee Stranahan wrote a so-called "debunking of Olbermann's rebuttal of 'Occupy rapes.'"

Before I debunk Keith Olbermann’s “debunking,” let’s remember what Keith Olbermann said. It’s the standard to which Mr. Olbermann needs to be held:
No Occupy rapes, no cover-up, no apology, no retraction.” 
That is Mr. Olbermann’s statement and he hasn’t backed down from it. Instead, he’s made “debunking” the entire list of rapes and sexual crimes that I put together the number one item on his “Countdown” show. 
I actually didn’t need a whole list. All I needed was one, so I didn’t do an exhaustive search. I grabbed stuff from the long list of Occupy crimes called The Rap Sheet that Big Goverment kept up until the end of December, 2011. After all, Mr. Olbermann is the only person in the world I know of who is claiming “no Occupy rapes, no cover-ups.” 
The question is: Why is Olbermann still defending this?
More lies from Stranahan-- this time baselessly criticizing Olbermann and Mediaite's Tommy Christopher:
It’s a sign of deeply damaged liberal thinking that I have to explain to the likes of Tommy Christopher and Keith Olbermann why the rapes and other crime associated with the Occupy matter. There’s no doubt that these crimes occurred (despite Olbermann’s initial blanket denials) and so now the lame defense is that somehow they just are random occurrences that have nothing to do with Occupy, really. 
This is dangerous balderdash; the assaults of Occupy are directly related to the philosophy and organization of the Occupy movement, as a series of emails between Occupyiers about a rape at Occupy DC makes clear.
Tommy Christopher has a particularly contemptible article up on Mediaite right now, where he says… 
Giving Olbermann the benefit of the doubt, based on his later tweets, he meant, respectively, that the sexual assaults reported at Occupy camps did not constitute a “wave,” and that those assaults could not fairly be characterized as “Occupy rape.” He went on to point out that the assailants were often outsiders, while the victims of the crimes were Occupy protesters. The counter-argument is that he was just back-stopping his earlier errors
First, factually – it’s not true that the assailants were often outsiders. They weren’t and the fact that Christopher repeats this lie is disgusting. For the sake of Keith and Tommy’s ideologically warped perspectives, let’s be super clear about what the issue here is and what it is not. 
Take note, Tommy and Keith: the problem here IS the process put forward by Occupy. This IS a problem for the Occupy movement because of their ideas; dumb ideas that you idolize. Stop burying your heads in the sand about it. Your ideological boot-licking has victims.

Stranahan is lying off his ass as usual.

John Nolte, yet another member of the Loesch/Breitbart Axis of Evil, falsely accuses the "leftist mainstream media" of "hostility towards women, particularly Conservatives like Sarah Palin, Dana Loesch, Pamela Geller, Michele Bachmann."

Mediaite and certain members of their staff are rather infamous for their hostility towards women. In the past, they’ve specifically targeted Governor Sarah Palin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, stay-at-home-moms, and our own Dana Loesch  
Yesterday, in a pathetically transparent effort to protect the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement from a brewing narrative that might finally expose their well-documented history of rapes and sexual assaults (and the covering up of those rapes and sexual assaults) Mediaite published no fewer than three stories that rationalized, parsed, spun, and danced circles around … RAPE.
From where I sit, according to Mediaite (and Keith Olbermann), apparently there are a certain number of rapes or certain types of rapes or a way to explain rapes that doesn’t make rape quite so rapey. I guess that when an Obama-endorsed movement rapes, it’s not rape-rape. It’s some sort of social justice program that redistributes wealth through the occupation of a teenage vagina. Also, and most of you won’t remember this (but I do), Mediaite has a history of attempting to spin violence done to innocents by leftists into something that might be heroism. But that sound you heard wasn’t Mediaite hitting bottom, it was merely Mediate hitting the rungs of the ladder on the way to the bottom. 
By the way, have you noticed that it’s almost only men wrist-flicking and rationalizing these Occupy rapes? Keith Olbermann, Tommy Christopher, Markos Moulitsas, Cenk Uygur…?
More insane lies from the Breitbart brigade.

Current TV's Countdown With Keith Olbermann host Olbermann unspun the Breitbart lie that "the Occupy people were the perps, not the victims" in his Daily Kos diary.

What you have not seen are the facts behind the transparently dishonest "list" with which Breitbart is trying to smear Occupy as rapists. Sadly, it appears his people's efforts consisted of finding stories in which both the word "Occupy" and some report of sexual misconduct. 
It doesn't look like anybody bothered to read the links. Nearly every one of the stories shows Occupy participants were the victims and not the alleged perpetrators, or the incidents had nothing to do with Occupy 
Those who do bother will find Mr. Breitbart and his colleagues, are lying:. 
 Story number one: Madison, Wisconsin. Turns out this is the story of Occupy Madison losing its permit for a few days, in part because of a charge of public masturbation. No charges, no names, no evidence, and even the head of the local business association that brought the complaint, one Mary Carbine, was emphatic that the behavior was, quote, "not necessarily by the protestors themselves." Breitbart's people evidently never read the update at the bottom of the post.
Number two: Cleveland, refers to an alleged assault of a member of Occupy Cleveland. No arrests, and the police offer no indication the alleged assailant was a member of Occupy.
Number three: Seattle, turns out to be the arrest of a man for indecent exposure in schoolyards and other parks, not at Occupy Seattle. Detectives say they were told the suspect had been "seen" at Occupy, and again they make no claim he was associated with Occupy.
Number four: Cleveland. This is the same story as Number two. Listed twice. This time a Fox News video is linked.
Number five, Dallas. Despite the Breitbart headline: "Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas," the alleged assault victim told police the sex in question was consensual. She would not press charges nor cooperate with authorities. The claim that there was an assault originates with one local tv station's anonymous source in the Dallas police department.
Number six: Portland, Oregon. The registered address that a sex offender gave authorities, turned out to be the same address as the Occupy Portland camp. The police have no evidence he was ever there, nor do any witnesses place him there.
Number seven: Lawrence, Kansas. A local Police Captain Jim Martin is quoted, in the Breitbart-linked story, as saying "someone who had been at the Occupy Lawrence camp reported on Monday morning a possible sexual assault. (Martin) said he did not believe the victim or any possible suspects were members of the group."
Number eight: Glasgow. Breitbart assigns responsibility for an assault on an Occupy protestor in Scotland to the American Occupy movement. He also does not note that the morning after the incident, Occupy organizers voluntarily disbanded the camp after police refused to provide security (at about 1:48 of the video, the Scots reporter notes the protestors have mostly left already and "put the Occupation on hold" while police investigate the crime).
Number nine: Manchester, New Hampshire. A woman operating out of her own home is arrested there after she tries to turn an Occupy protestor into a prostitute.
Number ten: New York City. An Occupy protestor is assaulted in her tent.
Number eleven: New York. It's the same story as Number ten. He has again listed one twice. Incidentally, despite the November reports claiming the Occupy food tent worker would shortly be charged with something besides sexual abuse, there are no stories on the net indicating this has yet occurred.
Number twelve: Chula Vista CA. On November 6th, a woman posts on the Occupy Los Angeles facebook page, asking Occupy to help locate her daughter, 16-year old Ashley Springer. The last the woman knew, Ashley Springer was at Occupy-LA. Breitbart does not note that, according to good news from "The Vanishing Kids Coalition," by December 9th, Ashley Springer was home, safe, sound, and unharmed.
Number thirteen: Philadelphia. Though the Breitbart list blares "Occupier Arrested for Rape," the actual newspaper headline says the opposite: "Man arrested in Occupy Philly sexual assault." The alleged victim was a member of Occupy, not the assailant, even though Breitbart implies it was the other way around.
Number fourteen: Austin, Texas. A man in a sleeping bag near the Occupy encampment in a public square is arrested for allegedly masturbating in front of a 16-year old. Again, despite the Breitbart headline "Occupier Accused of Masturbating in Front of 16 Year-old Girl," in the actual article police do not conclude that either victim or perpetrator was involved with Occupy.
Number fifteen: Chicago. A 21-year old man named Robert Reitz whom Occupy Chicago confirmed had attended some of its events, is arrested at his home, on child porn charges. Breitbart does not bother to note that in the second half of the very story he linked to, Occupy Chicago responded to the arrest by immediately banning him from its encampment.
Number sixteen: St. Louis. Again, the victim in an assault is identified as a member of Occupy, not the alleged perpetrator. As an aside, in the "list," Breitbart's people link not to an actual news account, but only to the notorious fraud Dana Loesch's version in which the truth has been carefully expunged.
Number seventeen: New York. Again, the victim in a fondling case is a member of Occupy; police identify the assailant as a local homeless person.
So. Seventeen stories Breitbart claims are cases of Rape at Occupy. Just reading the stories, googling the names of those identified, following up - this only took me about 70 minutes. 
The final result:
-- Two stories on the list were duplicates.
-- One story turns out to have been about consensual sex.
-- One case, in Scotland, led the Occupy group to disband for the sake of safety.
-- One case of an arrest for child porn, with Occupy immediately banning the alleged perpetrator.
-- One case of a girl disappearing -- ignoring the fact that she was home and unharmed a month later.
-- Four cases in which police said neither the victim nor the assailant were apparently even associated with Occupy. 
That is the evidence that Andrew Breitbart has submitted to rationalize his irrational attempt to smear the Occupy movement and Occupy members, as rapists, and to brand anybody who points out his dishonesty, his twisting of the facts, and who bothers to actually read the stories that disprove his own contention, as a rape denier or rape apologist. What Mr. Breitbart and his fellow propagandists have done, in fact, is to take at least eight women, eight membersof Occupy, who were raped or otherwise assaulted, and blamed them.
 Olbermann nailed Breitbart's hypocrisy and distortions right on target.

Adam Shriver at the St. Louis Activist Hub:

But Keith Olbermann decided to actually read the news stories associated with Breitbart's claims, and he found that in almost every single case the Breitbart crew was twisting reality. Here's the devastating segment from his show:

From the 02.15.2012 edition of Current TV's Countdown with Keith Olbermann: 
I should say that there have been some crimes, including sexual assaults, at Occupy encampments around the country. This is not surprising, since we live in a culture with a serious problem of violence against women, and it's not going to be any less of a problem in communities that provide food and lodging for those who need it and are extremely open and accepting almost anyone who wants to participate. From what I've seen, the Occupy groups have been very proactive in working to make their areas safe and welcoming for women. This is not to excuse any of the assaults, but rather to point out that they are not reflective of the occupy movement or most of the people involved. And I take the point that sexual assaults should not be used as a weapon for "the Right" or for "the Left."  
But what I think is so valuable about Olbermann's research is that it shows, quite dramatically, just how morally bankrupt the Breitbartian version of "journalism" really is. In basically every case, Breitbart bloggers twisted reality to fit their narrative. A real journalist would wait for conclusive evidence before declaring that some person or movement was responsible for rapes or sexual assaults; at Breitbart's sites, they throw out the charges almost daily based on their own interpretations of limited and ambiguous information. It's very much like the Kenneth Gladney case; the video was anything but conclusive; all it showed was Perry Molens pulling Gladney away from McCowan at the end of a fight. Yet Breitbart's gang of hacks declared that the video provided conclusive proof that McCowan and Molens had severely beaten Gladney, and they steadfastly refused to engage in an honest assessment of the evidence.

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