Dana Loesch at CPAC 2012

This past weekend, KFTK radio host, CNN "Contributor", and Big Journalism Editor-In-Chief Dana Loesch made the headlines... for negative reasons as expected. She and her husband were already in hot water for their actions, such as having Chris Loesch perform a racist rap video at CPAC Friday.

She bullied a journalist for having the audacity to ask Andrew Breitbart over the exclusion of GOProud at this year's CPAC. Dana The Devil told Liz Glover that "she wasn't being ladylike".

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite:

One of the regular features of the Conservative Political Action Conference is the annual rite of the behind-the-scenes viral video kerfuffle. This year’s version features freelance Washington, DC video gadfly Liz Glover, last seen asking Newt Gingrich if he’s currently in an open marriage, confronting conservative media provocateur Andrew Breitbart over gay conservative group GOProud‘s exclusion from the conference, with a quick tag-in by Big Journalism Chief Editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch
One of the highlights of last year’s CPAC was the way the conference defied gay-hating organizations to stand by GOProud’s inclusion, which was winningly symbolized at the prior year’s conference when an anti-gay speaker was booed off the stage. Unfortunately, the American Conservative Union bowed to pressure in July, voting to exclude the group from CPAC 2012. 
Glover defended herself from the charge that her questioning consisted of an “op-ed” by reminding Breitbart that “My stuff was on BreitbartTV last week!”
Breitbart paused, and asked, “How do you get your eyes to do the pinwheel thing?”
“That’s really sweet,” Glover replied, “picking on reporters.” 
At this point, Dana Loesch tagged in, and told Glover to “act like a lady,” and that she needed to “up (her) game.”
Breitbart waded back in momentarily, then walked off, leaving Loesch to scold Glover for the “faulty premise” of her questions. While  Breitbart’s split with GOProud is arguably justified, though, the ACU’s decision to exclude them far predated the outing of the Perry staffer. 
Glover stood her ground, and turned her focus on Cynthia Yockey, who wrote, for The Advocate, that LGBT equality would “come from the right.” 

Who's the bully(-ies) now? It's obviously not Glover, who asked the question to Breitbart.

Loesch also confronted the Occupy DC group for a second day in a row.

Loesch Wrote on Big "Journalism" today baselessly accusing the OWS movement of being "astroturfed violent thugs."

There have been 417 criminal acts from the Occupy Wall Street movement at various encampments all around the country. Crimes consist of rapes, drug offenses; the Occupy DC crowd has been so unlucky as to have an occupier shoot at the White House and another occupier throw a smoke bomb over its fence. Despite all of this, it is Andrew Breitbart whom the progressive media condemn … for doing nothing but condemn OWS. 
All of this happened after an LA occupier gave a good but disingenuous show of wanting discourse between the astroturfed, violent occupy movement and the tea party movement. An hour later they were screaming “f**k you!” and other obscenities at CPAC attendees. So much for discourse. 
Media endorsed and encouraged the occupy movement with some of them even joining it outright. The only reason progressive media is offended by Breitbart calling out the occupiers is because it’s just as much an indictment of them as it is of Occupy.
 Dear Ms. Loesch, it's the Teabagger movement that's astroturfed, not the OWS movement. And the OWS movement is largely peaceful.

At the pro-1% slanted "Tea Party vs. OWS" segment of CPAC, Loesch, Stefano, and others baselessly accused the OWS Movement of "anti-Americanism," "flag defecators," "and AstroTurfed."

Case in point, this panel as described by the CPAC web site -- Tea Party versus Occupy
Unlike their leftist counterparts in the “Occupy” movement, Tea Party activists do not need to be paid or coerced into advancing their ideas, free market activists said during one of the closing panels at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 
Dana Loesch, Editor-in-Chief of BigJournalism.com, told audience members that progressives operate from a false assumption that says Tea Party activists will not demonstrate without offered some kind of inducement. In reality, she said, they actually describing themselves. Occupy members who were demonstrating outside of the CPAC conference in D.C. acknowledged that were being paid $60 to be there. 
“It always amazes me how progressives think that conservatives can’t get organized or demonstrate without getting paid,” Loesch said. “They do it for free because they believe in it.” 
Amy Kremer, chair of the Tea Party express, said that the movement she was identified with has more staying power because it has the right ideas. By contrast, the “Occupy” movement has resorted to unsavory tactics and has already lost credibility with the American people. 
There's a bit more there, but they somehow forgot to mention this gem from panelist and Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano: 
STEFANO: The one thing I get asked is, what is the difference between the tea party and Occupiers... but I always say one thing. If you're standing in a room and you're not sure how to separate the tea partiers from the Occupiers, do one thing. Raise an American flag. The tea party will stand and put their hands over their heart and pledge to it while the Occupiers deficate on it. 
I find that really humorous since the only person I seem to remember being proud of "dropping trou" lately, was her cohort on that panel, Dana Loesch
The better part of the panel was basically a major dose or projection with these AstroTurfers who are being funded by Republican operatives, Dick Armey, Tim Phillips, the Koch brothers among others trying to pretend that what they're doing is somehow a "grass roots" movement, but they found one guy that claimed the AFL-CIO in D.C. paid some people who are already out of work union members sixty bucks a day to show up and protest CPAC. 
There is this notice up on their web site that they were calling for a day of action to protest the event -- Occupy CPAC: Mitt Romney and the 1% . Whether they paid anyone to show up, who knows. It looks like they may have, but that's hardly proof that the entire Occupy protest movement is some union funded AstroTurf movement.
And never mind that a good deal of the ones showing up at Occupy protests are Ron Paul supporters and a lot of people who hate both of our major political parties, which this bunch also conveniently ignores. 
And on a side note, besides her bloviating here that this supposedly "unorganized" and "unpaid" movement of theirs is going to take back the Senate next year, apparently Loesch and her husband took some time out over the weekend to scream at some Occupy protesters as well. Seems she's working hard to keep it just as classy as her boss, Andrew Breitbart.

 At her speech when she won the meaningless Reed Irvine Award from AIM, Loesch was using several of her favorite boogeymen: Media Matters, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, George Soros, Unions, "Liberal" Media, Occupy Movement.

She falsely accused Media Matters of being "a 501(c)(3) organization that is fascistic, witch-hunting, book-burning den of thieves."

She delusionally declared "Barack Obama's been defeated already. It's the media that's keeping him on life support."

At last year's CPAC, Loesch made numerous stupid claims, such as the pro-choice community supporting "feminist genocide."



Later this week: A look back at Dana Loesch's one year at CNN in an official contributor capacity.

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