Loesch lies about voter suppression and Ben Jealous

Yet another crazy statement from far-right race-baiting radio host Dana Loesch, who suggested on KFTK 97.1's The Dana Show yesterday that "NAACP's Ben Jealous was inebriated to claim that 'Voter ID' laws hurt Black turnout". Excuse me Dana, but YOU'RE the one that's inebriated with lies, as Jealous is right that Republican Party-backed "Voter ID" laws (really voter suppression laws) hamper minorities, college students, the disabled, and the elderly-- all of whom lean Democratic, with the small possible exception of some of the elderly. People like her have a history of fearmongering about "the Democrats, New Black Panthers, and ACORN will steal elections." Of course, when the right-wing does commit ACTUAL voter fraud they accuse the left of allegedly doing, they're silent as a mouse on it.

From the 02.06.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

One of the Christian Right leaders, Paul Weyrich, has openly admitted that "the lower turnout, the better chance that a Conservative [Republican] wins"

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