On her radio show, Loesch ridicules college-aged women for supporting access to contraception

We have the disgraced fringe CNN "Contributor" and self-loathing bomb-throwing loon Dana Loesch mocking women's health care needs again. She decided to make fun of college-aged women for making their own health care choices regarding contraception and birth control.

From the 02.28.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

LOESCH: "She's doing it more than she's studying in Law School. Is that why our-- is that why law sucks lately? Is that why we're having such a problem in the courts?"
"To me, there's nothing empowering about the government financing your choices that you can freely make in your personal life. They act like they're nymphos. That's what they act like."
"Again, have they never gone to, like, a grocery store, or you can go to the Walgreens y'all to get you some prophylactics, get you a number of other things. Are they like gold embossed?"
"This is what feminism's like today. Like back in the days of Laura, the pro-life Susan B. Anthony-- who would absolutely be spinning in her grave to see the Feminist Movement now means supporting female genocide. They were trying to get it to where women could get to vote."
"It's an insult to the original feminist movement." 

She is a disgrace to St. Louis and to sanity.

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