On FNC's Hannity, Loesch attacks California's transgender-friendly schools law [UPDATED]

Ardent transphobe Dana Loesch went on Fixed Noise Channel's Hannity to attack California's K-12 Transgender Protection Law (AB 1266) that was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D)which conservatives were pissed off about. The other guest, Leslie Marshall, largely disagreed with Loesch.

From the 08.13.2013 edition of FNC's Hannity:

Transcript (Partial)::
LOESCH: You know, I don't know what kind of crazy world we live in exactly, Sean, when we decide that the best way to stop bullying is to pass a law where we introduce opposite members of the sex into opposite-sex bathrooms and locker rooms, where regardless of the - yeah, and in sports teams, regardless of how other students feel. You're gonna force acceptance? I mean that's something that, again, you know, this comes back to things that are taught in the home.

MMFA has more on Loesch's transphobic remarks on last night's Hannity:
Loesch then compared transgender students' identities with her childhood wish that she could be a flower, displaying a fundamental lack of understanding of transgender identities, described by the American Psychological Association as "part of the human condition."

Neither Loesch nor Hannity seemed to appreciate the significant problem of anti-transgender bullying, which could lead to physical and mental health problems later in life. Hannity dismissed such concerns out of hand: "So forget about the 99 percent. The accommodation goes to the .00001 percent." Loesch snarked, "Let's go ahead and have a boy go on a girls' team. Because that's going to get him less bullied?" 
Hannity could have hosted a psychologist steeped in the scientific literature on transgender issues to shed insight on the story. Instead, he and Loesch traded baseless smears and fears about transgender people, indicating that Fox is uninterested in putting an end to its longstanding transphobia problem.

Disturbed homophobe Caiden Cowger insults transgendered individuals:


Loesch falsely smears Tishaura Jones as "prejudiced"

Yet again, the despicable jerkoff Dana Loesch is still acting like a whiny little brat over the highly offensive Missouri State Fair incident this past Saturday. Today, she is smearing Tishaura Jones (D), St. Louis City's treasurer, for correctly explaining on Twitter that most of the anti-Obama hate on the right is indeed racially motivated.

And what Jones said was exactly right on, which made Loesch infuriated.

Her blogpost that falsely accused Tishaura Jones of being a "bully.":

Would you like to kindly object to a city administrator behaving in such a clearly prejudiced and unprofessional manner?
And no, Mrs. Loesch, Jones is NOT "inciting racism"; however, you and your POS ilk are.

Anyone who disagrees with President Obama's policies in itself is NOT racist. It's when it gets to "Obama's a Muslim," "Obama needs to show his birth certificate", "Obama's pandering to 'lazy welfare cheats'", or "he's gonna take away our guns"-type rhetoric is where criticism of Obama is likely to be racially motivated.

See Also: Dana Loesch defends racist Obama clown stunt at the Missouri State Fair


Dana Loesch defends racist Obama clown stunt at the Missouri State Fair

Racist excuse-making teabagger  and St. Louis's Public Toxic Enemy #1 Dana Loesch defended the clown who played Barack Obama at the Missouri State Fair this past Saturday. The announcer identified as the idiot who decided to use the event for anti-Obama propaganda was Boonville Schools Superintendent Mark Ficken. The school board ought to terminate him from his position unless he resigns. 

RedState.com in which Loesch wrote this rubbish:
A rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend donned an Obama mask instead of typical clown fare. The clown, a participant in the fair and not officially representative of the fair, broke the new golden rule: thou shalt not mock the President. [Show Me Progress photo]
The acceptance of taxpayer dollars equals the forfeiture of free speech. Democrats should be careful with that rule, considering their policies.
[...]But if they’re attempting to argue that free speech is restricted if one receives federal funding, progressives tie their own hands with policy.
Personally, I prefer to express dissent in a different manner. If there is evidence to justify the claim of violent threats that haven’t been reported, by all means, investigate. However, if this is an attempt to criminalize ridicule of political figures by way of identity politics, then no one can ridicule. Everyone is something and speech will cease to be free.
She further defended it as "free speech" and satire on twitter:

What happened at the Missouri State Fair is NOT a "nontroversy." 

Yael T. Abouhalkah at the Kansas City Star rightfully tells the truth about what happened at the Missouri State Fair:
The taxpayer-supported Missouri State Fair got a lot of negative publicity Sunday following a report of a shameful stunt that occurred Saturday night in Sedalia.
The story by an eyewitness, Perry Beam, is posted to Daily Kos and Show Me Progress.
Fortunately, by late Sunday evening, The Star reported that many top officials — from Gov. Jay Nixon to leading Republicans — were denouncing the incident.
Basically, a clown wearing a mask of President Barack Obama came out during the bull riding event at the fair. The crowd was asked if it wanted to see Obama “run down by a bull.” (UPDATE: 6:55 p.m.: Here is short video of part of the incident: “We’re going to smoke Obama, man,” says announcer.) 
Things got worse from there, which doesn’t surprise me, given the anti-Obama feeling among many fairgoers from rural Missouri, where Obama lost to Mitt Romney (at least 60-40 percent in much of outlying parts of state) in 2012 election.
Egged on by the crowd and the announcer, “One of the clowns ran up and started bobbling the lips on the mask and the people went crazy. Finally, a bull came close enough to him that he had to move, so he jumped up and ran away to the delight of the onlookers hooting and hollering from the stands.” 
Obviously this is a horrible show of respect for the President of the United States at a public event at the state fair— which got more than $400,000 from Missouri state taxpayers this year.
It’s also borderline illegal; the U.S. Secret Service takes threats against the president seriously. While the president himself was in no danger here, it’s the kind of stupid activity that could give nuts ideas about harming the president.
As a result of my viewpoints and reporting about Loesch's idiocy, I get torched by some righties on twitter over it.

Loesch, on Twitter, once again put her tired old smears against this blogger for exposing the truth about loons like her:

Dana, if you don't like being called out on your lies and distortions, too fucking bad! As long as you keep your distortion games up, I will continue to call you out on your BS! And I proudly see getting blocked by Dana and Chris Loesch as a badge of honor.

Her fanbase trolls smeared me for telling it like it is about these right-wing assholes:


Dana Loesch (again) falsely blames Democrats for sexism against women: Bob Filner edition

Tea Party liar Dana Loesch... once again... is falsely blaming Democrats for being "sexist pervs" over Bob Filner's sex scandal.

Loesch on RedState: 

Threatening party whistleblowers with loss of party support if they dared walk away from Filner is completely not like endorsing his behavior so long as it comes with the guarantee of progressive dominance.
This isn’t a “war on women.” This is armageddon for women.

There is a war on women and an Armageddon for women, and it's advanced by idiots like you.

Her tweets falsely blaming Democrats for causing Bob Filner's sexual urges:

The GOP is a million times worse to women than the Dems, Dana.

More on Loesch's deliberate falsehoods on the war on women, attacks on [Democratic/liberal] women and pro-choice viewpoints:  


Who is behind JustinGibsonBusted.blogspot.com? Some right-wing nutty loon.

Yet another day of ridiculous attacks from Dana Loesch and her followers against this blogger for simply reporting on Loesch's deceptions and lies. And someone on the right was loony and brazen enough to create JustinGibsonbBusted.blogspot.com to deceitfully smear me for being a liberal progressive.

Loesch herself gives the smear site validity:
 Deception-based lies about me repeated:
Justin Gibson is a Granite City, Illinois resident who has cyber stalked radio personality Dana Loesch for over four years both on social media networks and by way of repeatedly emailing her radio station contact (to which he has publicly admitted). He once commented that she should hang "from the Rams's goalposts."
He has told her that she should burn in hell:

While also making a seemingly racist comment about a St. Louis radio talent below (same screenshot as above):

He has also threatened that she "should have your head sewn off."

St. Louis-based progressives often retweet and encourage Gibson, whose website is devoted solely to Loesch including photos, videos of her, tracking of her media schedule, and monitoring of her radio show. 
This page will remain up as long as this man persists in harassing and scaring Loesch with his abusive and aggressive behavior.
"What the fuck is Jason DeRulo doing on KYKY (Y98)? I guess the Blacks have invaded a once good station."

Who is exactly behind the blog JustinGibsonBusted.blogspot.com? Is it Dana Loesch herself or one of her fans?  I'm guessing one of her delusional fans, known as "Stop The Hate."


Loesch downplays racial issues on Normandy and Riverview Gardens school transfers, blames unions

Today, in reaction to school transfers from unaccredited Normandy and Riverview Gardens School Districts into other accredited school districts (Francis Howell, Mehlville, Kirkwood, and others), anti-teachers' unions advocate Dana Loesch downplays racial concerns about the transfers and misleadingly blames unions for allowing it to happen. 

I hate to break this to you, Dana, but the teachers' unions DID NOT cause the demise of Normandy, Riverview Gardens, and other school districts.

Loesch's fraudulent piece on her own site on this topic bashes unions and downplaying the racial impacts of the school transfers:
Right off the bat the article excuses decades of mismanagement by educrats as a racial issue. Race has nothing to do with why these schools in a historically Democrat-controlled area ran by administrators who pay more lip service to teachers’s unions than parents. 
I live in the city. I don’t live in West County suburbia. Some of my friends and I live near or in the very districts this article discusses. Part of my family has lived in North County since WWII when the country women like my great-grandmother went to the factories. The problem with these districts are numerous and also include the breakdown of the family unit with no direction provided at home. Sending a kid to school for a few hours a day isn’t going to correct the established learning given to her or him through their home life. Unfortunately, the political leadership of this area cheerleads policies which obliterate the American family, economic opportunity, and after controlling this area for longer than even my parents have been alive, there is absolutely nothing to show for it aside from failing schools and failed kids. That’s what is shameful, that is the story, had it been written by someone with more devotion to truth than identity politics. 

John Eligon at The New York Times rightfully says race plays at least some role in the school transfers:
ST. CHARLES, Mo. — When the Missouri Supreme Court upheld a law in June allowing students from failing school districts to transfer to good ones, Harriett Gladney saw a path to a better education for her 9-year-old daughter. 
But then she watched television news clips from a town hall meeting for the Francis Howell School District, the predominantly white district here that her daughter’s mostly black district, Normandy, had chosen as a transfer site. Normandy, in neighboring St. Louis County, has one of the worst disciplinary rates in the state, and Francis Howell parents angrily protested the transfer of Normandy students across the county line, some yelling that their children could be stabbed and that the district’s academic standards would slip.
“When I saw them screaming and hollering like they were crazy, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, this is back in Martin Luther King days,’ ” said Ms. Gladney, 45. “ ‘They’re going to get the hoses out. They’re going to be beating our kids and making sure they don’t get off the school bus.’ ”
Public schools here in the St. Louis region, as in many other metropolitan areas across the country, have struggled for decades to bridge a wide achievement gap between school districts — a divide that often runs along racial and socioeconomic lines. By affirming the right to transfer students out of failing school districts, the State Supreme Court opened the doors for hundreds of families to cross the lines and move their children into better schools.
But the ensuing contention has shown that the process remains a tricky one, complicated by class, race, geography and social perceptions.
“Most folks are for having equal opportunity, having good schools for everyone,” said Patrick J. Flavin, an assistant professor of political science at Baylor University who recently wrote a report on the black-white achievement gap in schools. “We’re all about that in the abstract. You start to see support levels drop when it turns into a real-life thing.”
More than half of the 28 public school districts — excluding charter and specialty districts — in the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County combined are at least 75 percent black or white. Of the nine districts that are at least three-quarters white, all but one scored a perfect 14 on the state’s performance rating scale. The six mostly black districts scored an average of 7.
Racial segregation has lingered in this region, the result of generations of discriminatory zoning and real estate practices. Efforts to reverse it have included a court-ordered program that has been busing thousands of black St. Louis students to mostly white suburban schools since the early 1980s.
Normandy and Riverview Gardens, also in St. Louis County, have each received transfer requests from about 1,000 students. Riverview Gardens administrators chose a second district, Kirkwood, to bus their students to, because their first choice, Mehlville, said it could not accommodate all of the transfers.
Some parents have criticized the law for not giving taxpayers a say in what happens in their own districts and accused the state of abandoning the unaccredited districts instead of working to improve them.

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