Loesch falsely smears Tishaura Jones as "prejudiced"

Yet again, the despicable jerkoff Dana Loesch is still acting like a whiny little brat over the highly offensive Missouri State Fair incident this past Saturday. Today, she is smearing Tishaura Jones (D), St. Louis City's treasurer, for correctly explaining on Twitter that most of the anti-Obama hate on the right is indeed racially motivated.

And what Jones said was exactly right on, which made Loesch infuriated.

Her blogpost that falsely accused Tishaura Jones of being a "bully.":

Would you like to kindly object to a city administrator behaving in such a clearly prejudiced and unprofessional manner?
And no, Mrs. Loesch, Jones is NOT "inciting racism"; however, you and your POS ilk are.

Anyone who disagrees with President Obama's policies in itself is NOT racist. It's when it gets to "Obama's a Muslim," "Obama needs to show his birth certificate", "Obama's pandering to 'lazy welfare cheats'", or "he's gonna take away our guns"-type rhetoric is where criticism of Obama is likely to be racially motivated.

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  1. Does Loesch really reside in St Louis, or a suburb?

  2. A clown (Dana Loesch) supporting the racist clowns at the state fair!


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