On FNC's Hannity, Loesch attacks California's transgender-friendly schools law [UPDATED]

Ardent transphobe Dana Loesch went on Fixed Noise Channel's Hannity to attack California's K-12 Transgender Protection Law (AB 1266) that was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D)which conservatives were pissed off about. The other guest, Leslie Marshall, largely disagreed with Loesch.

From the 08.13.2013 edition of FNC's Hannity:

Transcript (Partial)::
LOESCH: You know, I don't know what kind of crazy world we live in exactly, Sean, when we decide that the best way to stop bullying is to pass a law where we introduce opposite members of the sex into opposite-sex bathrooms and locker rooms, where regardless of the - yeah, and in sports teams, regardless of how other students feel. You're gonna force acceptance? I mean that's something that, again, you know, this comes back to things that are taught in the home.

MMFA has more on Loesch's transphobic remarks on last night's Hannity:
Loesch then compared transgender students' identities with her childhood wish that she could be a flower, displaying a fundamental lack of understanding of transgender identities, described by the American Psychological Association as "part of the human condition."

Neither Loesch nor Hannity seemed to appreciate the significant problem of anti-transgender bullying, which could lead to physical and mental health problems later in life. Hannity dismissed such concerns out of hand: "So forget about the 99 percent. The accommodation goes to the .00001 percent." Loesch snarked, "Let's go ahead and have a boy go on a girls' team. Because that's going to get him less bullied?" 
Hannity could have hosted a psychologist steeped in the scientific literature on transgender issues to shed insight on the story. Instead, he and Loesch traded baseless smears and fears about transgender people, indicating that Fox is uninterested in putting an end to its longstanding transphobia problem.

Disturbed homophobe Caiden Cowger insults transgendered individuals:

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