On CNN Newsroom this morning, Dana Loesch defends Trump and Birthers

This morning, on the 9AM CDT hour of CNN Newsroom, Dana Loesch, St. Louis's queen of lies, was defending the Birther Movement and Donald Trump. James Carville, the Democratic counterpart to Loesch, thinks that "Trump may be very entertaining, but he's a liar." She was a flip-flopper on this issue, in the past denouncing them as "nutburgers," but recently, she has done a 180... by being a Birther. Dana also blamed the Democrats for starting the Birther nonsense by saying that "Phillip Berg was the originator of the Birther movement." False, it was ultra-righties like Alan Keyes, Lou Dobbs (who thankfully is no longer on CNN, and is now at FBN, aka RNCTV2), Jerome Corsi, Pamela Geller, and Orly Taitz (who was booted off of MSNBC's The Last Word last night) that originally perpetuated the movement, NOT Dems.

From the 04.29.2011 edition of CNN Newsroom:

The Transcript:
After the surprise decision to release his official birth certificate, President Obama stepped up to the podium to explain. He poked fun at the years-long birther controversy, and then he started poking fun at the press for how it covered the issues. At some points, he even got a little angry. But his mood was lighter later at a fundraiser in New York City.




OBAMA: I was born in Hawaii.


OBAMA: The 50th state of the United States.


COSTELLO: President Obama's decision to finally release that piece of paper surprised critics and allies alike. On both sides, reaction was swift. Joining us now, CNN political contributors Dana Loesch and James Carville. Welcome to you both.


COSTELLO: Both of you, Dana, James -- I interviewed the chairman of the Republican party a short time ago. and he talked about the birther issue and how he felt that its time to move on. I just want you to listen to a bit of what he said.


REINCE PRIEBUS, CHAIRMAN, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: The primary voters will decide in Iowa, in New Hampshire, in South Carolina and the rest of the country as to who they want to represent them on the Republican ticket. It's not my job to play police officer with the candidates. It's up to the voters to play police officer --


COSTELLO: So Dana, what I was asking Mr. Priebus, and that's why he answered in the way he did -- I asked him why he didn't call on Donald Trump to stop talking about the birther issue and move on if he really wants, like every politician, to move on from this issue. Should he do that?

LOESCH: I don't know that Preibus could actually stop Trump from talking about whatever Trump wants to talk about. I mean, it's Donald Trump. And in the press conference that he gave immediately following the president's press conference, was in my estimation, his victory lap. So, I don't think you could have the RNC chairman call Donald Trump and say can you maybe not talk about this anymore? Can we move on to something else? I don't think it would be successful.

COSTELLO: James, what do you think?

JAMES CARVILLE, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, look, not this guy, but think of the speaker of the House who actually knows better saying, well, as far as I know, he was born in America. Then asked him, would you tout all these birther bills by these idiot congressmen doing this stuff, and he said, well, that's not my job to tell congressmen -- Well, dude (ph), that's exactly your job, Mr. Speaker, is to whip your caucus in line. That's why you have a leader and whip.

They're all like that trying to fool around with this idiot. And this is the most idiotic issue I've seen in American politics. And it was just a crock of nonsense. I don't think the president should have done what he did yesterday. Just let these people go make fools of themselves.

COSTELLO: I get you. We're going to talk about that in just a minute. But Dana, I want to go back to you. I mean, will we move on from this issue? Will everybody shut up about it?

LOESCH: You know, yesterday whether the long-form birth certificate was released, we suddenly saw the high unemployment solved, the high gas prices solved and the quagmire in Libya was immediately resolved as well. Except not. So, hopefully!

COSTELLO: Hopefully. And James, why do you think he shouldn't have produced his original birth certificate?

CARVILLE: Why should he? There's no doubt in any sane person's mind that that's what Hawaii requires that. They released that and people could see it. And no one -- it's nonsense. Let these people make fools of themselves. I think it's good for the country to see how many idiots there are out there. We need to get -


CARVILLE: It's a good way to conduct a idiot census in America to see who all the birthers are. It was a good thing. and working politically for him because all of the Republicans that knew anything were trying to run away from this thing, and they couldn't get rid of it.

I find Trump to be very entertaining. I'm kind of for him. I was for Palin, but she didn't want to talk enough. And then Newt stopped talking, and then Bachmann doesn't talk enough. I want more Trump. We ought to have him on TV every day.

COSTELLO: Well, Dana, it is an interesting question. Because some say all this talk about birther and now producing -- President Obama should produce his college records that this kind of talk is hurting the Republican brand. Is it?

LOESCH: Well, I have to say, too, Carol, that I think the biggest loser in all of this was Philip Berg. Now, he was the Democrat and aide to Hillary Clinton that started it. He's the grandfather of the birther movement. So, I don't know so much it's a strictly Republican brand because it began --

COSTELLO: But frankly, nobody remembers that. Nobody remembers that. All we think about now is Donald Trump and the Republican party.

LOESCH: There's a lot of people doing a lot of hard work making sure people don't remember that. I will say that when you -- some of the stuff I've seen that has been proposed -- I think the birther bill in Arizona where they added you have it to have your baptismal certificate and everything. I've been baptized. I don't have a baptismal certificate. I wouldn't be able to produce one if one was called on me. So, sometimes I think it goes a little bit too far.

Now, I think what this does is it highlights there's a double standard between how investigated Bush was and previous presidents have been and how people didn't go after the president with his records. I think if anything, I think it shows the double standard.

COSETLLO: James, do you agree with that? I know we did --

CARVILLE: Aww, no. By the way, you know, if a Jew runs - if a Jewish person runs in Arizona, do you have to produce a baptismal certificate? I mean, all this stuff - again, it is a very good way for us to take a census of all of the idiots in the United States and let them surface. I think it should have gone on. And by the way, it was Hillary's campaign that found the announcements in the Hawaii paper, so that pretty would debunk all of that foolishness.

Again, Trump -- he's the Republican frontrunner, and he's perfect for them. He's overweight, he's self-indulgent, and he's a simpleton. And he embodies the principles of the modern Republican party --

COSTELLO: OK, Dana, a short last word to that. A short last word.

LOESCH: You can be a simpleton and be as successful in business as Trump has been and be able to fall down and pick yourself as many times as Trump has. I mean, you can disagree with him all you want. I disagree with him on the birth certificate issue, but I won't call him an idiot.

COSTELLO: I got to wrap it up --

CARVILLE: He's also been bankrupt four times. He's just like the Republicans. LOESCH: Not personally. Only his businesses.

COSTELLO: We'll have to continue this offline, as they say. James Carville, Dana Loesch, thank you so for the conversation this morning.
Why does CNN CONTINUE to allow misinformed loons like Loesch, who makes Phyllis Schlafly (a well-known polemicist and kook) look like a sane lady in comparison and is a GIANT embarrassment to St. Louis,
On Twitter, Matchbox 20 frontman and solo singer Rob Thomas said: "dear dana loesch, please stop. you are hurting america. this is not a game."


#LoeschFail alert: Dana Loesch falsely slandering Missouri college teachers as "Commies," "union thugs"

Over the past couple of days, serial liar Dana Loesch has promoted flagrant falsehoods about UMSL and UMKC, saying that she claims to have "tapes of UMSL/UMKC teachers encouraging Communism and 'union violence'." Of course, the tapes were edited and distorted, typical of Breitfart cronies. The Columbia Tribune posted this article from the pro-Breitbart/Loesch viewpoint.

Videos showing two University of Missouri instructors apparently advocating for union violence don’t represent the UM System as a whole, a spokeswoman said.

The videos — posted online yesterday on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website — show snippets of Judy Ancel, director of UM-Kansas City’s Institute for Labor Studies, team-teaching with Don Giljum of Operating Engineers 148. The Labor in Society & Politics class is a joint effort between UMKC and UM-St. Louis.

The videos are clearly edited — something Breitbart is known for. His news aggregate website is the one that put out an edited video showing Shirley Sherrod, an official at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, claiming she discriminated against a white farmer. The video later was shown to have been edited out of context, and Sherrod has filed a lawsuit against him.

Unlike the GOP spin from Janese Silvey, here's amore reasonable article from Fired Up Missouri:

I'm blown away by this story in the Columbia Tribune by Janese Silvey.

Even though the Andrew Breitbart empire of websites has a well documented history of using dishonestly editing videos to further their political goals against NPR, ACORN, Shirley Sherrod and others, the Tribune has posted videos from Breitbart's BigGovernment.com because... they "are making the rounds online."

The videos -- complete with the now-familiar quick cuts and odd edits -- are taken from an unknown numbers of classes and feature named and unnamed persons from what we're told are classes about the labor movement led by instructors UMKC and UMSL.

Or should congratulations go to Breitbart for finding someone to republish his dreck in a town that prides itself for top-flight journalism?

Here's one of the videos that Breitbart has obviously distorted.

St. Louis Activist Hub's Adam Shriver slams Loesch and her butt buddies for propagating lies.

@ So when are you going to release the full, unedited tapes of the lectures?
25 Apr
id="62740448401301505"> Favorite Retweet Reply
STL Activist Hub
@ Wow, you got Breitbarted! Ever think that it might be a good idea to, you know, maybe ask for the full unedited tapes?
25 Apr

@ OK, time to play the Breitbart blogger game of condemning everything ever said by some person/group..

@ Sherrod tapes were presented to portray her as racist. NPR tapes changed context. You've earned your reputation.

@ Are you saying Breitbart didn't call Sherrod racist?

@ As for history of labor, of course that was violent, given that the companies violently suppressed labor.

Difference between this case and @'s usual dishonesty: she is the originator of this story. Pay attention @ '

Today, @ put herself squarely in the Breitbart camp of disgraced media figures. Outright lies that she manufactured & pushed.

@ @ Nope, you are outright lying. Release the full context of "violence is a tactic" quote. Blatant lying. Sherrod Part 2.

@ Release the full video. Even better, just release the 10 seconds before the quote. You're lying.

@ The story about the Missouri professors is a complete out-of-context fabrication.

@ How many times do you need to be burned before asking for full tapes from Breitbart? If you run with it, you deliberately mislead.

@ @ Same people who claimed Sherrod was "discriminating" and "racist" now claim profs support "violence." Figure it out.

The Breitbart swarm is hilarious. They don't even care if they're exposed later: just desperately want media attention in the short-term.

Somehow, I bet @ has good lawyers. She will probably need them after these attacks on Missouri teachers..

Heh, @ follows every word of my Twitter conversation, yet is afraid to reference me? I thought she was all "punk rawk?"

@ I've said for a long time there are/(or were) decent people in tea party, but the Breitbart crew ain't among them!

@ is lucky his insults pack no punch, because I now know way too much about him.

@ She's pushing a misleading edited video claiming that UMSL and UMKC profs "encouraged violence."

@ Whoever did your "editing" on this last once really messed up. If you think Sherrod damaged your credibility, just wait.
Other Liberals, like me and Taunia Adams, also ripped Loesch's bullshit excuses.

Doubtful, considering her legal probs, and multi frivolous restraining order threats RT @: I bet @ has good lawyers.

Doctoring vids: RW disease. Cure: () RT @: Hannity got beat by girl/the truth. @

@ @ Oh, this whole 'professors teaching violence' thing in a labor class in the UM system.

@ Methinks you're missing the point. Breitbart slandered Sherrod, got sued. Dana slanders a prof, she might get sued.

I'm glad Breitbart and his cronies have enough time on their hands to sit around and find videos to edit.

Justin Gibson
@: Last time I checked, @ is NOT a "stalker." However, people like Dana Loesch, @, and @ are stalkers.

@: Actually, @ got OWNED by @, not the other way around.

@: It is you, @, @, @, and @ that are distortionists, not @ or @.

Shut up, @! What you're saying about unions and SEIU is discredited garbage!

What Dana's saying on the UMKC/UMSL stuff is bunch of lies designed to scare people. They are NOT teaching Communism.

Dana Loesch is indeed advocating violence against Liberals and Democrats.

Cathy Sherwin
Yes, Breitbart's deceptive editing hit and the tea party would like to eliminate labor studies. All newsworthy I'm sure. @ get off your high horse, already.My grandparents,never been in a union,Grandpa was in mgmt.He's worried about GOP ending Medicare.

Don't get so far on a rant you disrespect the many union members working for Ameren around the clock after . @ @
Naturally, Dana The Devil sent her attack dogs to defend Breitbart and the distorted tapes. Of course, their tweets were just falsehoods and personal attacks.

Dana Loesch
Very curious as to what @ thinks about its professors teaching that criminal activity is OK in class:

@ The man who lives with his mom in Granite City and threatened to hang me? Considering having him served with a PO.

Heh, the only way video of Marxist professors teaching that the flag is "racist" and how-to for industrial sabotage is "out of context"

@ @ @ LOL. I love how it's "lying" to criticize someone caught on tape saying "American flag is racist."

@ @ @ Or how it's "lying" to criticize college profs caught on tape endorsing thug tactics multiple times.

@ That's what is so funny. Technically, I have a case due to the libel (love when people can't tell the difference so use both)

@ You give him too much credit. I don't give him attention because he's a stalker and just not that good at politics.

@ LOL. He was so scared he forgot to record me with his camera. See, a real pundit would have debated. Was sad.

@ thinks he's going to wrap us 'round the axel of his pimp hat. @ @ @

@ Ask for the pimp hat so no one notices the sex-slavery. Rinse, repeat... @ @ @

@ @ @: @, @ & Leftists don't have facts or arguments, just TACTICS.

@ So u haven't seen the vid! Yer the one shouting SLANDER. Shouldn't YOU know? @ @

@ Dude, you're screaming slander not having seen the vid & ur telling me to be careful, uhm, slanderer? @, @

@ did we miss part where THUG says, "just kiddin'!" Or when FBI bursts in to make undercover arrests? @ @

So @, you haven't seen whole video & you're screaming slander? That's slander, u dimbulb. @, @, @

Mike Flynn
@ likes animals, unless they have to be sacrificed on leftist altar.

can't wait to get cameras into cat ethics class taught by @

ouch @ you got pawned by that little shriver kid at @ What has he ever done, by the way?

LOL @ Nice try. Not falling for your silliness. I know how the left works. U own this class.

LOL I guess @ thinks professor said "violence is a tactic" BUT u should never use it. Hint: She didn't.

Hey @ just thinking I got drawn into a fight with a minnow. Need to atone for my focus on @. Weird on my part.

I'm sorry @ ur allies are on tape advocating violence. U have to deal with it. Wait until this happens across campuses.

@ would you condemn industrial sabotage? Or disrupting power plants causing black-outs?

Right @ cause everyone sits around after 60 minutes saying, Boy...I need to see the full tapes...only us w that standard

@ what drives lefties like @ nuts is they know we have the goods, cuz its typical college fare. The gig is up.

Report the story @. If we are wrong U will be praised by progressives everywhere. U can do it!

Tookie Williams
@ I refuse to work with commies time for to house clean . flag is racist makes skin crawl

@ I love trades HATE commies that would sabotage , my trades are American loving folks not COMMUNIST PARTY USA members

@ @ Flynn I don't think the permanent D team leader ponytail lotion boy has actually done a thing , Hare he helped.

@ @ @ @ his lotion jar would be more fitting

@ @ @ @ Adam is an attention whore who finds himself the butt of the joke
@ @ @ @ Shriver can't handle dana success

@ it is such a waste of time to debate with Adam , he and his friends assume it is over but the start

@ @ @ @ Adam is in spin mode , and not doing it well

@ ????

@ @ Not only the pimp hat but he can't get @ to release full tapes of hot mike on their "highly" edited clips

@ @ will every nightly news release FULL tapes ? Nolte he hangs with squatters and Communists .

@ @ @ Oh look a ponytail hang with Commies Union leftie is making demands . What's next a threat of violence

Hey @ @ @ isn't it funny watching lefties hating on Dana success ? does that

@ @ maybe we should release Shriver tapes of him saying " he hangs with commies"
@ @ find it more odd that you support violence and sabotage of power plants

Mandy Nagy
@ @ @ @ @ Plus Adam's hair looks so much nicer in this vid than the NAACP one

@ @ @ @ @ They should do that more often. Way better than all that silly MMFA fellatio.

Not a Mizzou alum, but got plenty of Black & Gold. They better fix this before kickoff

Aaaand just when you thought it was safe to go back to the University of :

Shut Down Labor Studies Now, Governor Nixon - Governor Nixon: What does it take to get your attention? What does it...

@ I don't debate hacks like that. I simply use them as examples of the intellectual deficit on the Left.

@ She said violence was to be used when it's an appropriate tactic. You're seriously grasping here. @

You know, tool, it might help if you had some evidence before you go around trying to accuse people of lying. @

Also, don't you think they know people you would ask for the "unedited videos", moron? But hey.... keep sounding the alarm. @

Are you trying to say that those guys aren't communists and they weren't lecturing about how to be subversives? @

LOL! @ wannabe -> MT @ UMSL/UMKC tapes look highly edited. @ owns this story if there turns out to be misleading

The fact is! That @ is arrogant enuff to think that @ views his lil' Boehlert page when HE responds to her show..HE... @ trolled @'s mommy blog, HE (Adam Shriver) injected himself into Wash U Student paper about Dana...HE..has been trying to bring down @ her husband,any little thing he @ can get.ALL THIS & every single time falls FLAT on his face!

Ya see @ PRIDES himself in RT's from Senior Fellow @ and response from"Breitbart Crew" this is his activist oxygen

I think @ oughtta stick to contemplating the pain fish, may or may not feel... One thing at a time Adam.

@ @ @ YET Adam blogs Aw shucks Think I stood my ground in "mob" later says Tea folks nice people? Which is it?

@ @ jjmnolte If Dana is afraid 2 reference you Adam,why did SHE confront u last yr rally?Made u look like a smacked ass.

@ @ Oh and by the way stop stealing Michelle's "punk rawk" ref, come up with your own stuff Adam. ;)

@ @ @ Adam, are that fucking arrogant to think that Dana is following you? Really? You're a parrot of lib talk.

@ @ @ 99.9% of the time when u see the words.."she or her" on his Twitter page? It's about Dana. A Diva thing.

She is indeed doing libelous activity that warrants being suspended from her job and/or liable to be sued.


Dana Loesch appears on CNN... and lies to the American people yet again

Guess who was back on CNN yesterday morning? If you've guessed the Antichrist of St. Louis, Dana Loesch, you're right. She was her doing her usual interrupt the others and spew out blatant falsehoods unchecked routine.

Transcript from the 10AM EDT/9AM CDT hour of CNN Newsroom:
COSTELLO: It is time for "Political Buzz." A lightning-fast conversation hitting the hot political topics of the day. Each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to answer three probing questions. Dana Loesch is a Tea Party supporter and conservative. Cornell Belcher leans left, and comedian Pete Dominick is back to lend his own unique perspective.

Welcome! ok. On to the first question. The United States has handed over the reins to NATO in Libya. Senator McCain says it's time the U.S. retakes control. Does America need to flex its muscle in Tripoli? Dana?

DANA LOESCH, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, NATO is the United States. So, essentially what we have done here, Carol, is just transfer control from one hand to the other. And I don't really think -- I've never thought that she would have been involved in Libya because Libya and what is happening there is a civil interest and that has no immediate threat to the sovereignty or safety of the United States.

COSTELLO: Cornell?

CORNELL BELCHER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: I'm going to -- I'm going to agree here. I think it's interesting. We already have two wars that we haven't paid for, and the interesting thing is Afghanistan has become as unpopular as Iraq. So, now we want to double down on that and get involved in Libya? I don't think so. I don't think the American public has the stomach for it.


PETE DOMINICK, COMEDIAN: Well I think Cornell and Dana are both pretty right on. What is our record of success in our recent military intervention? I'm talking about the last 50 years. With all due respect to Senator McCain and his service to our country and in the Senate, how many times does he have to be wrong on foreign policy before we go to other people? Going to Senator McCain on foreign policy is like going to Alan Greenspan on economics. You've been wrong a lot -


DOMINICK: We could listen to others.

COSTELLO: Thanks to all. Second question. Another Wikileaks dump. This time on Guantanamo. Do they strengthen the administration's decision to keep it open? Cornell?

BELCHER: Well, it's a real gray area here. I mean, the truth of the matter is when you look at what's happening, there's some dangerous people there. I think what bothers a lot of Americans, and not just, you know, those progressive Americans, but a lot of red- blooded Americans, is this idea that there's no due process. Can we keep this open and still ensure due process?

The other big thing about this is Wikileaks are endangering Americans with this continual leaking. This sort of stuff should not be out in the open, what they're leaking.



LOESCH: Well, this is so weird this morning. I agree but kind of disagree with Cornell in that I think it does become a gray area. But at the same time, there's terrorists, they're suspected of terrorist activity if not outright caught in the act. So, there is no due process because they're not American citizens.

That being said, if you look at the number of detainees who, when they were released, like we had one, Ali Al Sayed, who was released to -


LOESCH: -- Saudi Arabia and re-education camp, he joined al Qaeda.

COSTELLO: Right. Went on to do some bad stuff. Pete?

DOMINICK: I couldn't disagree more with both these guys, my friends here. The level of criminality at this camp, we now know, is even worse than even its harshest critics were predicting. This is terrible. What Wikileaks is really exposing what the government is doing. These are government documents. I would beg all of our viewers to go read "The New York Times" or "The Guardian's" article so you can find what your taxpayer money is supporting in Guantanamo Bay -


DOMINICK: -- which all the --

COSTELLO: OK, third question. A group of Christian leaders lobbying Congress by asking lawmakers what would Jesus cut? You know, as far as the budget goes, what would Jesus cut? Effective or crass? Dana?

LOESCH: Oh, I think it's incredibly crass. And I have to question these religious leaders. I've always said that big government is the moral failing of man. Because when you have good government that takes away the desire for voluntary charity, you are changing something about humanity. You're changing their desire to do it themselves. And as Christian leaders, they should be encouraging people to get involved and volunteer in charity instead of adhere to the government reappropriation of it. COSTELLO: Cornell?

BELCHER: I don't even know who Dana is anymore.


BELCHER: I agree. Although -- I'll go the middle role. I know it's not effective because the bottom line is these leaders are going to do what they think is right. And obviously, oftentimes, the politician who is wearing his religiosity on the sleeve is often the one who is enforcing the draconian cuts -


COSTELLO: Oh, out of time. I'm sorry! Pete?

DOMINICK: Well, listen, nearly every member of Congress claims to be a Christian. If you think a budget for your home or for the government is considered a moral document, I don't think Jesus would have made the cuts that Congress is making. And it's a check on your conscience.

I think it's sad when an agnostic comedian is ten times more Christian than so many people in Congress act like they are. That's me, by the way.

COSTELLO: "Political Buzz." Fun as always. Dana, Cornell, Pete, thank you so much. We'll see you again on Friday.

LOESCH: Thanks.


#LoeschFail alert: Indianapolis's Tea Party Rally with Dana as keynote draws low crowdsizes

Last Friday at the Indianapolis Tea Party, which had Dana Loesch as the keynote speaker, had only between 250-330 people at the event, down from 2,000+ over a year ago. Why? Because even the Tea Partiers over there knew that Loesch was an RNC hack pretending to be a Teahadist. She was repeating the same old bogus lying crap, spouting out about those "trust fund Socialists." Dana was indeed born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she likes to claim that she grew up poor (when in fact people in this country grew up even poorer than her). She IS indeed a prostitute for the Republican Party, when she claims that she hates political parties.

Image: FuzzyConservative.com

For Christ's sake, she is an embarrassment to ANY intelligent person.


Donald Trump appeared on The Dana Show, talks out of both sides of his mouth

Donald Trump appeared on The Dana Show today. Trump, of course, was on his bash Obama at all costs mode. Trump said that "I would NOT take votes from Obama, but from the GOP nominee." He is also a known birther. He also made a surprise visit to the 2011 CPAC meeting.

From the 04.13.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

UPDATE: Loesch has also had a hypocritical past on this issue.


#LoeschFail alert: On CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Cornell Belcher and David Gergen pwn Dana Loesch

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Dana Loesch went back on the show, along with her counterparts (who are much more informed) David Gergen and Cornell Belcher. Why the hell does CNN (and Anderson Cooper) allow her on to spew numerous falsehoods that usually go unchecked. She went to her usual: acting rude and childish when others are speaking, tell numerous lies, and whatnot.

UPDATE: Heather from Crooks and Liars has more on the Loesch ruining CNN's credibility.

CNN is already trying to look like Fox-lite on a regular basis and their hire of Dana Loesch just looks like one more step in that direction. I thought their hire of Erick Erickson was bad until they decided that we somehow need to hear on a regular basis the political insights of that know-nothing, astroturf “tea party” leader, Andrew Breitbart buddy and embarrassment to the city of St. Louis, Dana Loesch.

Anderson Cooper had her on as a member of a panel to discuss what sort of fights we might be in for with raising the debt ceiling and the recent agreement made to finally get a budget voted on for last year, and par for the course, she had nothing to add to the discussion other than far-right-wing talking points and apparently a complete lack of understanding about the services Planned Parenthood provides to low-income women who have nowhere else to turn in their areas for health care, and just how dangerous it is playing chicken with defaulting on our debt.

From the 04.11.2011 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

COOPER: Well, we're talking in depth tonight about the next big showdown between the White House and Republicans in Congress. President Obama expected to lay out his budget-cutting approach on Wednesday this week.

There's a Republican outline already on the table with major spending cuts and changes eliminating Medicare, replacing it with government vouchers to buy private health insurance. But before any of that is decided there is the debt ceiling vote.

Back now with David Gergen, and joining us CNN contributor and Democratic pollster who worked for the Obama campaign and will again in 2012 Cornell Belcher. Also Dana Loesch, CNN contributor, Tea Party organizer, and editor of BigJournalism.com.

So, Cornell, President Obama had hoped for what they call a clean bill on this debt ceiling, a bill without riders that the Republicans would put in. He's not going to get that.

CORNELL BELCHER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: No, I don't think he's going to get it. And it's going to be another battle. But again, I think the more sort of the way the Tea Partiers are really dominating the conversation on the Republican side, and sort of their extreme agenda where we see, you know, everything from wanting to do away with the EPA to wanting to do away with health care for women under Planned Parenthood, I mean, all these riders and all these sort of extreme sort of social issues, you know, mingling with the fiscal issues hasn't been a winner. I think the president in this battle actually came out looking like even more like the adult in the room willing to compromise. And I think he will again on the issues of the debt ceiling.

COOPER: But, Dana, you obviously see it very differently. Why have these riders? Why not have a clean up and down vote?

DANA LOESCH, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I wish we, I wish we could just all get on the same page and not have and not increase the debt ceiling. But I think when we have to -- when we have to discuss about reducing spending, we have to start cutting somewhere, and I don't know why Planned Parenthood is always used as an excuse because that's not the only outlet that women have, low-income women, to go and get health services.

There's the women's health program that's already in Medicare that's subsidized by the government. So we already have that kind of taken care of. But I do think that it's going to be a huge battle and I don't think that it comes to social issues. I think, bottom line, and this is what the grassroots movement has only ever wanted, is to see some fiscal restraint. I hope that we can get both parties agreeing on this.

COOPER: Do you oppose raising the debt ceiling?

LOESCH: Completely. Absolutely, I do. I look at precedent.


COOPER: Even though economists say, look -- economists would say look, it would be catastrophic, apocalyptic, you say what, that's fear mongering?

LOESCH: Actually, I do. Some economists have said that that -- that it would be apocalyptic. But others have not so much. I look at precedents. We have raised the debt ceiling 74 times since 1962. And in 10 of those incidents occurred in just the last decade.

Now, every single one of those times that we have raised the debt ceiling, we have never taken the initiative to actually reduce our spending. It just is an excuse to keep spending more and more and to continue to add to our deficit. And I don't see how doing it again would be any different.

I'm all -- I'm completely opposed to it, because I think there's a number of ways that we can -- a number of methods that we can employ in order to bail ourselves out and take financial accountability besides that.

COOPER: David? BELCHER: Really quickly -- but really quickly, here's the problem. And I'm sorry, David. Really quickly, here's the problem. OK. You've got to deal with $100 billion in either cuts or tax increases if you -- if you don't raise the debt ceiling. This is something -- I mean, this is real here.

So OK, so you're going to cut -- you're going to make $100 billion in cuts in you don't raise the debt ceiling? That's nonsensical.

COOPER: David?

LOESCH: Well no, I...

COOPER: Well, let David...

GERGEN: If I could just say a word. I just want to come out on the debt ceiling itself. The debt ceiling is what -- under the debt ceiling you borrow money. They have to raise the debt ceiling in order to borrow money. If we run deficits, the government will have to borrow more money. And therefore, you have to raise the debt ceiling.

Under Paul Ryan's plan, this bold proposal -- I disagree with it, but I concede that it's very bold -- under the Paul Ryan plan, the government does not balance its books. It continues to have to borrow money until 2040. Of course we have to raise the debt ceiling.

The question is what Republicans can extract as a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Everybody agrees you've got to raise it. The question is sort of under what conditions? What are the conditions under which we go forward?

LOESCH: Right.

GERGEN: Do we, in fact, try to really have dramatic cuts in spending or increases in taxes? Or do we just go on willy-nilly and let the debt pile up. which would be extremely dangerous for the country?

BELCHER: But David, the Tea Party...

LOESCH: I want to make a quick point about Paul Ryan's plan as well.

BELCHER: The Tea Party argue that...

COOPER: I'm sorry. Cornell, then Dana...

BELCHER: Real quick and I'll give you-- I'll give you...

LOESCH: I want to make a quick point about that. I want to point out, please. I want to...

COOPER: You're both talking. No one's going to listen. Dana go and then Cornell. LOESCH: I want to make a quick point about Paul Ryan's plan. I'm actually not in 100 percent agreement of it for some of the reasons that David mentioned. Plus, I think it's a huge gamble, because in order to have a balanced budget in 26 years, all of the variables have to stay exactly the same. The economic variables, everything. And I think it's really, really risky.

But I look at it like this. I think Tim Pawlenty had a really good idea when he was talking about using April and June revenues to pay off America's creditors and then, in the meantime, slash spending.

The only way that we're going to be able to not raise the debt ceiling is to make massive, massive cuts in spending. I completely agree with that. And we're not going to be able to raise revenue by having public sector capital grabs. It has to come from the private sector. That has to come from making permanent tax cuts.

COOPER: Cornell?

LOESCH: That's how we have to do it.

COOPER: Cornell?

BELCHER: Well, I just don't think it's practical. If you're talking about sort of the level of cuts that you have to make in order for us not to raise the debt ceiling, you're talking about destroying our economic future. You're talking about taking the economy and putting it into a nose dive again. You cannot cut over $100 billion away from the federal deficit all at one time and not have economic catastrophe. You just can't.

COOPER: David, Cornell was saying he feels that President Obama kind of came out a victor from last week by being above the fray. Do you agree with that?

GERGEN: No. I don't think anybody won that, Anderson. The public CNN poll does approve of what was done. They give a little more credit to the Democrats and to President Obama than they give to president -- than they give to Republicans.

But if you look at President Obama's approval rating, it actually went down slightly in this poll. So I think this came out sort of to be a wash. I think everybody -- I think everybody was -- I didn't meet anybody -- everybody I met was relieved that they reached an agreement. I didn't meet anybody who was really applauding wildly.

COOPER: Dana, who do you think came out ahead, if anybody, from last week?

LOESCH: Oh, man. I know the right is really, really split on the deals that have been made by Boehner, and I'm a little disappointed. I understand that, all in all, there was only -- you could only cut from 260-some-odd billion on the table, and they ended up with give or take like 40-something billion.

But I think, ultimately, the Tea Party came out to be a little victorious because now we have the president and his administration talking about make cuts to entitlement. And that's really, really huge, especially considering where we were in this discussion just a couple of years ago.

COOPER: David, I sort of see you shaking your head.

GERGEN: Well, I'll let Cornell go. I just disagree with some of that. Look, I think Boehner came out as well as the Tea Party, he brought discipline to his party. There was never $240 billion on the table. The most Republicans were asking for. Back during the elections was $100 billion cuts. Then they lowered it to 60, and they got 38 on the 60.

It seems like a pretty good deal for -- you know, if you're a minority party in Washington. But even so, I don't -- I think we ought to move forward, not backward about -- on these deficit questions.

LOESCH: Right. And...

BELCHER: I will...

LOESCH: I'd like to correct one...

BELCHER: I also...

LOESCH: Sorry, go ahead.

COOPER: I was just going to say I'm talking about after you pass three CRs ands then after you took the 850 billion in defense off of the table, in all, in order to -- the piece of the pie, there was 260 something that could have been cut that they chose to cut from. And they ended up with the figure that they did. That was the point.

COOPER: Cornell, I'm going to give you the final thought.

BELCHER: Really quick here, I think I do have to take my hat off to Speaker Boehner because I think he did sort of -- he did have the tiger by the tail here and it was interesting that Michele Bachmann who I think of as sort of the Tea Party leader in Congress walked out on the Republican conference when this deal was cut.

However, I will say that I think the president does come out looking better on this. I mean, the margin between Dems' approval on this deal and the Republicans' approval on this deal is ten points. I think the president and Democrats come out a little bit better in this.

COOPER: Cornell Belcher, Dana Loesch, appreciate it. David Gergen, as well.

Coming up, the breaking news. The late and frankly chilling word we've been expecting from Japanese nuclear officials. Details on that next.

If CNN MUST have a Teahadist on, it should have someone more qualified and professionally behaved than Dana Loesch. If you think Dana Loesch has ruined the show, contact the AC360 show and ask them to start doing a little more research about their guests' backgrounds, and particularly Loesch's disturbing background. And no, getting a "career highlights" sheet from their publicist doesn't count. Please answer respectfully.


#loeschfail Alert: Eliot Spitzer puts GOP Hack Dana Loesch in her place

Last night on CNN's In The Arena, Dana Loesch made a fool of herself yet again on national television. She was opposed by Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier from California's 12th Congressional District, who earlier this year made a passionate defense of Planned Parenthood.

Loesch was also scheduled to be on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, but thankfully CNN canned her at the last moment and replaced by another Conservative, Susan Molinari, who was a GOP Congresscritter from New York. She is supposed to appear on CBS's The Early Show later today (check local listings, airs on KMOV at 7-9AM CDT) and on CNN later this afternoon.

Of course, she did the usual routine of talking over the others when they're speaking. Eliot Spitzer put her in her place when she claimed that the "Government should shut down due to Planned Parenthood holding up everything." No, the GOP would've been blamed if there was a shutdown, which was temporarily averted just before 10:00PM CDT last night. Better yet, Planned Parenthood was NOT cut.

From Mediaite, which is usually not liberal at all:
Speier, you may recall, delivered a wrenching account of her own abortion on the floor of the House in February, and is a passionate defender of abortion rights, and women’s health. Loesch is the Editor in Chief of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism, and no stranger to fighting the Tea Party fight. The combination of two passionate advocates produced sparks, with Loesch in a particularly strident mood, but just as the debate over funding Planned Parenthood reached a fever pitch, Spitzer stepped in with a devastating point.

From the 04.08.2011 edition of CNN's In The Arena:

This is NOT the 1st time that she went after and demonized Planned Parenthood, often with blatant falsehoods. And at least one time, she was called out by a CONSERVATIVE (@SarahWW), who happened to agree with defunding PP. Jon Kyl, like all other anti-choice zealots, falsely claimed that "90+ of Planned Parenthood's services are abortion-related." Kyl is wrong, as a graph proves that only 3% percent of its services orient around abortion.


Dana Loesch on CNN recently

Dana Loesch has been on CNN lately, spouting out gibberish and GOP talking points.

She thinks that a shutdown of government is a good thing, and people like her will be blamed for it.

She had an Islamophobic article on Big Journalism, blaming the "Muslim extremists," instead of Terry Jones.

The above vignette is the only reason I can infer why neither outlet said much, if anything about the protesters killing the victims.

Is anyone else tired of the OUTRAGE! that zealous communities like these exhibit anytime anything remotely controversial occurs involving their religion? So someone burned your holy book. Someone put Christ in a jar of urine and called it “art.” Did you see any headlines like “Remedial Hipster Art Students Beheaded?” No, no you didn’t. Of course, these communities have OUTRAGE! if someone so much as draws their god.

So, pray tell, who burned the Koran that resulted in 9/11? Who burned the Koran that caused the USS Cole bombing? Pan Am Flight 103? Embassy bombings? Fort Hood? The snipers in Washington, D.C?

Are people too scared to say that a group of violent people, looking to perpetuate violence on anyone and will use any incident as a crutch to do so, are responsible for their own actions, thus these deaths? Are people too afraid of looking like bigots (that and “racist” are the new terms to describe anyone who disagrees with left-leaning ideology, replacing “dissenter”) or are they afraid that said group of people will enact the same crime upon them as was done to the victims in this story?

Loesch complaining about Republicans in Missouri:

By "hitjob," she means "journalism she doesn't like."

Image: Fired Up! Missouri

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