#loeschfail Alert: Eliot Spitzer puts GOP Hack Dana Loesch in her place

Last night on CNN's In The Arena, Dana Loesch made a fool of herself yet again on national television. She was opposed by Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier from California's 12th Congressional District, who earlier this year made a passionate defense of Planned Parenthood.

Loesch was also scheduled to be on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, but thankfully CNN canned her at the last moment and replaced by another Conservative, Susan Molinari, who was a GOP Congresscritter from New York. She is supposed to appear on CBS's The Early Show later today (check local listings, airs on KMOV at 7-9AM CDT) and on CNN later this afternoon.

Of course, she did the usual routine of talking over the others when they're speaking. Eliot Spitzer put her in her place when she claimed that the "Government should shut down due to Planned Parenthood holding up everything." No, the GOP would've been blamed if there was a shutdown, which was temporarily averted just before 10:00PM CDT last night. Better yet, Planned Parenthood was NOT cut.

From Mediaite, which is usually not liberal at all:
Speier, you may recall, delivered a wrenching account of her own abortion on the floor of the House in February, and is a passionate defender of abortion rights, and women’s health. Loesch is the Editor in Chief of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism, and no stranger to fighting the Tea Party fight. The combination of two passionate advocates produced sparks, with Loesch in a particularly strident mood, but just as the debate over funding Planned Parenthood reached a fever pitch, Spitzer stepped in with a devastating point.

From the 04.08.2011 edition of CNN's In The Arena:

This is NOT the 1st time that she went after and demonized Planned Parenthood, often with blatant falsehoods. And at least one time, she was called out by a CONSERVATIVE (@SarahWW), who happened to agree with defunding PP. Jon Kyl, like all other anti-choice zealots, falsely claimed that "90+ of Planned Parenthood's services are abortion-related." Kyl is wrong, as a graph proves that only 3% percent of its services orient around abortion.

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  1. Loesch was also put in her place by David Gergen and Paul Begala the other night on Anderson Cooper's program. I don't know why Loesch's appearance on AC360 was scratched Friday, but I do know there was a substantial number of complaints about her unprofessional antics, rudeness and general lack of knowledge from viewers who had the misfortune of watching her on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I don't think CNN will get the message and I expect they'll continue throwing Loesch in our faces while simultaneously debasing themselves.


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