#LoeschFail alert: Indianapolis's Tea Party Rally with Dana as keynote draws low crowdsizes

Last Friday at the Indianapolis Tea Party, which had Dana Loesch as the keynote speaker, had only between 250-330 people at the event, down from 2,000+ over a year ago. Why? Because even the Tea Partiers over there knew that Loesch was an RNC hack pretending to be a Teahadist. She was repeating the same old bogus lying crap, spouting out about those "trust fund Socialists." Dana was indeed born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she likes to claim that she grew up poor (when in fact people in this country grew up even poorer than her). She IS indeed a prostitute for the Republican Party, when she claims that she hates political parties.

Image: FuzzyConservative.com

For Christ's sake, she is an embarrassment to ANY intelligent person.

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