Dana Loesch on CNN recently

Dana Loesch has been on CNN lately, spouting out gibberish and GOP talking points.

She thinks that a shutdown of government is a good thing, and people like her will be blamed for it.

She had an Islamophobic article on Big Journalism, blaming the "Muslim extremists," instead of Terry Jones.

The above vignette is the only reason I can infer why neither outlet said much, if anything about the protesters killing the victims.

Is anyone else tired of the OUTRAGE! that zealous communities like these exhibit anytime anything remotely controversial occurs involving their religion? So someone burned your holy book. Someone put Christ in a jar of urine and called it “art.” Did you see any headlines like “Remedial Hipster Art Students Beheaded?” No, no you didn’t. Of course, these communities have OUTRAGE! if someone so much as draws their god.

So, pray tell, who burned the Koran that resulted in 9/11? Who burned the Koran that caused the USS Cole bombing? Pan Am Flight 103? Embassy bombings? Fort Hood? The snipers in Washington, D.C?

Are people too scared to say that a group of violent people, looking to perpetuate violence on anyone and will use any incident as a crutch to do so, are responsible for their own actions, thus these deaths? Are people too afraid of looking like bigots (that and “racist” are the new terms to describe anyone who disagrees with left-leaning ideology, replacing “dissenter”) or are they afraid that said group of people will enact the same crime upon them as was done to the victims in this story?

Loesch complaining about Republicans in Missouri:

By "hitjob," she means "journalism she doesn't like."

Image: Fired Up! Missouri

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