Dana Loesch lies and smears people at will

In the past few days, Dana Loesch has been busted telling numerous lies, including, but not limited to: Planned Parenthood, Eric Boehlert, and Liberals in general.

Just recently, on her fraud blog at Big Hackulism, she played up the "Liberals hate Sarah Palin" Card here:

Jim Geraghty started a brouhaha yesterday by criticizing how the makers of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” received $1.2 million in tax credits by filming in the state — and that Palin signed the 2008 law which made it possible. Because she’s now apparently omnipotent, able to see into the future and plan for it by signing into law a complex program with numerous in-house checks and balances. Geraghty questioned Palin’s conservative credentials.

As I said, the argument here should be about lower taxes across the board, as opposed to the actions some states must take in order to remain competitive. It’s also illogical to try and discredit Alaska’s program by comparing it with that of other states because variables differ in each state.

I love debate and disagreement when it occurs on the right because a competition of ideas ultimately makes the right stronger and frankly, more invincible. However, if you’re going to take a stand on an issue and place a target on a fellow conservative who takes more than enough heat from the left, it’s wise to make sure that you fully understand the issue and articulate it correctly.

Thankfully, Sarah Palin's Alaska has since been cancelled.

She was caught lying about Planned Parenthood, but here's a shocker: even a person who supported the defunding of Planned Parenthood bashed Loesch.

Yesterday, I detailed how Loesch's attempt to smear Planned Parenthood failed miserably. Today, she's still defending the post while demonstrating absolutely no comprehension of the word "access." In fact, her defense is so sad that she has had to threaten to block conservatives who have a basic understanding of reality and are calmly refuting her points.

This claim is false, as was noted yesterday: Cecile Richards clearly said that Planned Parenthood offers access to mammograms, not that they provide mammograms, on the clip that Loesch is referring to. So even conservative @SarahWW had to ask Loesch why the folks at Big Journalism can't make honest arguments for their positions rather than relying on dishonesty:
She told a big whopper about Planned Parenthood, as usual:
Note to Big Journalism: Fact-checking is much easier if you have basic linguistic competence.
So her quote was that the provide access to mammograms, and they do provide access to mammograms, and Big Journalism's idiotic response is "but access to mammograms isn't the same a giving mammograms so she's lying." Truly astounding.

She also made a fool of herself on CNN.

@ I wonder how much Military Experience Dana Loesch has, since she seems to think she knows better, then the President. none I bet.

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