Peter Kinder appears on The Dana Show to discuss about his possible run for governor

Peter Kinder appeared on KFTK's The Dana Show yesterday to talk about his possible run for Governor.

From the 02.28.2011 edition of The Dana Show:

Still, let's all keeping pretending that Kinder hasn't actually decided on a campaign, even though he's stated openly in Missouri and in Washington, DC that he's running. Because if we stop writing about whether or not he's running, we might have to write about all the things he's actually doing and saying. And that's not going to be very pleasant for Peter, now is it?


It's also nice that Kinder made himself available to the dishonest and pathetic Loesch exactly one business day after she railed against Speaker Steve Tilley's associations with the New Black Panther Party.

Also, one year ago yesterday, The Dana Show moved into its current timeslot, 2-4PM CST Monday-Friday, moving The Sean Hannity Show to 7-9PM. Since her move to that slot, she has amped up the crazy-- big-time.

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