Dana Loesch's atrocious excuse-making for defending Indiana's license to discriminate law

Anti-LGBTQ demagogue Dana Loesch defense another state's horrible anti-LGBTQ "religious freedom" (aka license to discriminate) law, and this time, it's Indiana's idiotic SB101 that was recently signed into law by Indiana Governor and potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Mike Pence.

Just a side note: Indianapolis is where KFTK and WIBC's corporate owner Emmis Communications is based at, and The Dana Show aired on those two stations prior to going nationally syndicated with Radio America in 2014.

She has attacked Angie's List, Wilco, and others who dared to boycott Indiana over the passage of SB101.

Angie's List:


Last night on TheBlazeTV's Dana, Loesch and her panel slammed and mocked celebrities' tweets opposing Indiana SB101 and Pence.
From the 03.30.2015 edition TheBlazeTV's Dana:

More proof that Loesch is lying through her teeth about the RFRA's impacts.

Judd Legum at Think Progress LGBT on the truth about the difference between Indiana's RFRA law and the other 19 states and federal's version:
The Indiana law differs substantially from the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by President Clinton in 1993, and all other state RFRAs.

There are several important differences in the Indiana bill but the most striking is Section 9. Under that section, a “person” (which under the law includes not only an individual but also any organization, partnership, LLC, corporation, company, firm, church, religious society, or other entity) whose “exercise of religion has been substantially burdened, or is likely to be substantially burdened” can use the law as “a claim or defense… regardless of whether the state or any other governmental entity is a party to the proceeding.”

Every other Religious Freedom Restoration Act applies to disputes between a person or entity and a government. Indiana’s is the only law that explicitly applies to disputes between private citizens.* This means it could be used as a cudgel by corporations to justify discrimination against individuals that might otherwise be protected under law. Indiana trial lawyer Matt Anderson, discussing this difference, writes that the Indiana law is “more broadly written than its federal and state predecessors” and opens up “the path of least resistance among its species to have a court adjudicate it in a manner that could ultimately be used to discriminate…”Click to enlarge CREDIT: DYLAN PETROHILOS/THINKPROGRESS

This is not a trivial distinction. Arizona enacted an RFRA that applied to actions involving the government in 2012. When the state legislature tried to expand it to purely private disputes in 2014, nationwide protests erupted and Jan Brewer, Arizona’s Republican governor, vetoed the measure.

Senator (and soon-to-be likely Senate Majority/Minority Leader when Harry Reid retires at the end of the 114th Congress) Chuck Schumer (D) on the difference between Indiana and the other RFRAs:

In the uproar over the recently passed Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), defenders of the bill like...
Posted by Senator Chuck Schumer on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remember that the Indiana RFRA is VASTLY DIFFERENT than the other 19 states that have such laws and the federal one.

It's not just Indiana that's proposing and/or passing RFRA bills in the vein of the now-vetoed Arizona SB1062 and recently passed and signed into law Indiana SB101: Georgia, North Carolina, and Arkansas-- to name a few, are considering such bills.

More on Loesch's attacks on LGBTQ rights:


#47Traitors Enablers: Dana Loesch defends #IranLetter by Tom Cotton and 46 other GOP Senators on Iran

Dana Loesch defending neocon foreign policy yet again, and also slams Bowe Bergdahl (who is NOT a "deserter") in order to suck up to Arkansas Senator Tom "Traitor" Cotton (R)'s  treasonous actions.

Dana is wrong. The 47 GOP Senators that signed on the Iran Letters are anti-American traitors, NOT "patriots"! Remember that this is the same party that claims to be "more pro-American than thou."

Laura Clawson at Daily Kos:
Yes, Cotton thinks that the great grandchildren of people who violate Iran sanctions should be imprisoned. Which, by the way, is completely unconstitutional. But this is someone who got the vast majority of his Republican colleagues in the Senate, including leadership, to sign onto a letter to Iran trying to torpedo American diplomacy. Congressional Republicans listen to this man. That's terrifying—but if this open letter has helped discredit him publicly, it may be one good outcome of the whole mess.

To sum it up: Tom Cotton, the other 46 GOP signatures to the Iran Letter, and his enablers in the right-wing media apparatus are treasonous scumbags.


At #CPAC2015, Loesch heinously says "gays could be stoned in the streets" if anti-LGBTQ bigotry isn't allowed

At the same CPAC conference in which she mentioned that "it was time to make [Conservative] Christians a 'protected class'", notorious anti-LGBTQ homophobia bigot Dana Loesch heinously suggested that non-discrimination laws "will lead to gays getting stoned in the streets."" WRONG AGAIN, Mrs. Loesch! It's phony "Christian" assholes like you, Tony Perkins, Matt Barber, Bryan Fischer, and their ilk that want to harm the LGBTQ community.

Tim Peacock at Peacock Panache:
"You don't have to be a Christian to be affected by loss of religious liberty, because if one liberty is taken, more liberties will be taken," Loesch said. After complimenting her rabid, fervently far-right fan base she continued, "If I'm not speaking up you're losing rights then what will happen to me when the day comes, if someone comes to me? What if you're stoned for walking out in the street for being gay? I mean, come on, that's where the conversation needs to go."
Loesch's stance against LGBT public accommodation protections is nothing new; she's been railing against these specific civil rights protections for years.
To sum things up: Loesch thinks everyone should have the ability to deny service based on sincerely held religious beliefs because lack of religious liberty could lead to gays being stoned. But she also wants to simultaneously specifically protect Christians from the very sort of discrimination she rallied for.
Kyle Mantyla at PFAW's Right Wing Watch:
On Saturday morning, right-wing radio host and self-described "total partisan hack" Dana Loesch participated in a CPAC panel on religious liberty, along with the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and Rep. Randy Neugebauer. During the discussion, Loesch said that if America doesn’t protect the supposed "right" of Christians to discriminate against gays in public accommodations, it will eventually lead to gays being stoned to death in the streets.
Thank God that Right Wing Watch has finally put Loesch into their monitoring rotation (something that should've been done years ago), considering that she was (and still is) Beck's lead substitute for his afternoon show and now has her own daily show after him. Her employer Glenn Beck and regular TheBlazeTV guest (and occasional fill-in host) David Barton are regularly monitored by RWW.

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At #CPAC2015, Dana Loesch says it's time to make "[Conservative] Christians a 'protected class'"

At CPAC 2015, KFTK radio host and TheBlaze employee Dana Loesch says it's time to "make [Conservative] Christians a protected class." WRONG, Mrs. Loesch! They already are a "protected class" by your own definition.

Tony Ortega at The Raw Story:
Columnist Cal Thomas, radio host Dana Loesch, and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins took part in a CPAC panel on religious freedom Saturday, and they pronounced that times were dire for followers of Jesus Christ.
“I feel like it’s time to make Christians a protected class,” Dana Loesch said, as the discussion reached a fevered pitch of self-pity.
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