Dana Loesch falsely accuses "the left" of bullying in order to support BSA's discriminatory policies

In her blogpost on her show's website, far-right anti-LGBTQ homophobic KFTK radio host Dana Loesch makes baseless cheap shots against people who support allowing gays into the Boy Scouts of America and also mocks the "It Gets Better" campaign founded by Dan Savage.

She even mocked the ACLU, protesters against Chick-Fil-A, and even against Attorney General Eric Holder in her farce of a PSA.

Her blogpost that's full of lies on DanaLoeschRadio.com:

It gets better, unless you’re the Boy Scouts, then culture puts a ‘kick me’ sign on your back.The PSAs that tell kids “It gets better?” Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t. It never gets better. It stays the same. Bullies grow up to be bigger bullies, bullies who join the ACLU, MMfA, OFA, or some hokey acronym’d org and then get paid to bully others for a living. I had a bully once. 
Apparently it never dawned on any of these activists that here in America you can start your own group and create your own rules. If you dislike how the Boy Scouts operate, then don’t join. Churches sponsor around 70% of the Scout troops anyway, so it’s not like their beliefs are a secret. Create your own group and run it your own way. This insistence that everyone be of hive mind and accept the same things and establish a boring homogenous culture where if everyone is special no one is betrays the “individualism” that the left preaches. If you’re so “pro-choice,” then leave the choice of which group to join or support to the people. Offer them competition. Create other choices, alternatives. 
But stop the bullying and the lawfare. That doesn’t make it better.
And to make things worse for Loesch and other homophobic loons on the right, the majority of Americans surveyed in a Quinnipiac poll released today (02.06.2013) supports allowing gays into the BSA 55%-33%, or a +22% differential in favor of allowing them in.


Continue ban         33%  
End ban              55     
DK/NA                12     

Continue ban     19%  
End ban              71%    
DK/NA                10%  

Continue ban  51%     
End ban           33%  
DK/NA            16%       

Continue ban     31%   
End ban          57%       
DK/NA            12%      


The Boy Scouts of America should drop its ban on openly gay members, American voters say 55 - 33 percent in a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. 
There is a large gender gap as women support gay scouts 61 - 27 percent, compared to 49 - 39 percent among men, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. White Catholics support gay scouts 63 - 25 percent. Among white Protestants, 44 percent say open up scouting and 41 percent say no. White evangelical Protestants oppose gay scouts 56 - 33 percent. 
One troubling finding for Scouting in America is that 54 percent of voters say they were Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, while only 36 percent of voters, including 55 percent of former scouts, say they have children in Scouting. 
"Now that the Armed Forces ban on openly gay service members has been lifted, and polls show increasing acceptance of same-sex marriage, most American voters think it's time to open up the Boy Scouts too," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. 

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