More Loesch lies: She falsely claims that Laura Bush did NOT attend the 2002 Oscars

Today in Poutrage Alert: Obama-hating shit for brains loon Dana Loesch deliberately lied about Laura Bush's role in the 2002 Oscars in order to attack First Lady Michelle Obama for her appearance at last night's Oscars ceremony. Obama presented the award for Best Picture Award, and Argo won.

More proof that Loesch is a condescending jerk:

Sorry, Dana, but former FLOTUS Laura Bush was a presenter at the 2002 Oscars.

Twitter user @PumpsandBumps tells the truth about Bush's role in the 2002 Oscars:

Media Matters For America has the real no-spin facts about the Oscars, which conservatives like her decided to ignore intentionally:
Right-wing media are falsely suggesting that First Lady Michelle Obama's Academy Awards appearance is unprecedented, ignoring that former presidents and former First Lady Laura Bush have previously participated in the ceremony.
In fact, former presidents and former First Lady Laura Bush have participated in Academy Awards ceremonies. In 2002, Bush appeared at the Oscars in a taped appearance. From the Chicago Tribune:
The documentary history montage was put together by director Penelope Spheeris, whose remarkable "Decline of Western Civilization" rock documentaries likely have never been even close to nominated.
And the show's marvelous "What do the movies mean to you?" opening segment was done by director Errol Morris, whose groundbreaking work, from "Thin Blue Line" through "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control," has also been criminally neglected.
It was bracing to see people from Laura Bush to Jerry Brown to Mikhail Gorbachev interviewed, and mind-bending to hear film titles such as Russ Meyer's "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill" and William Castle's "The Tingler" mentioned on usually sacrosanct Oscar airspace.
In 1981, President Reagan taped an appearance for the Oscars. From The New York Times:
But now that Mr. Reagan has moved on to another profession, he's been invited to appear on the Academy Awards program on March 30.
The President will remain in the White House and tape a brief greeting to the audience at the Oscar ceremonies, and his words will be televised early in the awards show.
''President Reagan was once a member of our industry and it seemed fitting for him to join us,'' said Norman Jewison, producer of this year's show.
The Times also noted that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt "spoke to an Oscar audience by radio in 1941."

The far right-wing loves to lie and smear any member of the Obama family (or any Democrat/liberal/alleged "RINO").

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