With A&E reinstating Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, Phony "Christian" Loesch bashes the LGBTQ community (again)

When A&E reinstated the racist and homophobic bigoted Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson from his suspension, Dana Loesch and the rest of the right-wing noise machine celebrated with glee.

On Twitter, Loesch celebrated the news with nasty attacks on the LGBTQ community while defending Phil's atrocious comments:

No, Dana, the claim that Phil Robertson is a racist is TRUE.

GLAAD's agenda is still relevant to this day.

Mrs. Texas-Sized Liar Loesch, isn't it folks like you that want to silence free speech for people that disagree with your agenda? Does the Dixie Chicks back in 2003 ring a bell to you?

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  1. Wait til you start a well paying career before you finalize your political views. Trust me on this.


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