#47Traitors Enablers: Dana Loesch defends #IranLetter by Tom Cotton and 46 other GOP Senators on Iran

Dana Loesch defending neocon foreign policy yet again, and also slams Bowe Bergdahl (who is NOT a "deserter") in order to suck up to Arkansas Senator Tom "Traitor" Cotton (R)'s  treasonous actions.

Dana is wrong. The 47 GOP Senators that signed on the Iran Letters are anti-American traitors, NOT "patriots"! Remember that this is the same party that claims to be "more pro-American than thou."

Laura Clawson at Daily Kos:
Yes, Cotton thinks that the great grandchildren of people who violate Iran sanctions should be imprisoned. Which, by the way, is completely unconstitutional. But this is someone who got the vast majority of his Republican colleagues in the Senate, including leadership, to sign onto a letter to Iran trying to torpedo American diplomacy. Congressional Republicans listen to this man. That's terrifying—but if this open letter has helped discredit him publicly, it may be one good outcome of the whole mess.

To sum it up: Tom Cotton, the other 46 GOP signatures to the Iran Letter, and his enablers in the right-wing media apparatus are treasonous scumbags.

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