On The Kelly File, Phony "Christian" Dana Loesch falsely smears Jessica Ehrlich as an "anti-Christian Bigot"

On tonight's edition of The Kelly File hosted by substitute host Martha MacCallum on Fixed Noise, phony "Christian" conservative hack Dana Loesch insulted the show's other guest Jessica Ehrlich by calling her an "anti-Christian bigot" for opposing the homophobia and other far-right screeds that David and Jason Benham espouse. 

Loesch defended the fired by HGTV Benham Brothers' bigoted homophobic comments by stating "I don't find Christian views to be political."

Ehrlich correctly called out Loesch's BS bunk arguments by saying that "they cloaked their political views as Biblical."

Further in the interview, Loesch baselessly claimed that "being pro-choice and pro-homosexuality doesn't make you a Christian."

To debunk Dana's faulty logic on that statement, yes, you can be pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights and still be a Christian in good standing.

From the 05.16.2014 edition of FNC's The Kelly File:

Transcript, via Progressives Today:
Jessica Ehrlich: Here you have two attention-seeking, reality series wannabes, who are political activists, who have an extreme agenda. And who are trying to cloak this sort of religious freedom characterization… 
Dana Loesch: I just don’t understand the anti-Christian bigotry. The world’s big enough for us all, don’t you think? 
Ehrlich: There is no anti-Christian bigotry here. They cloaked their political views… 
Loesch: I don’t find Christian views to be political. 
Ehrlich: These are not Christian views. 
Loesch: It’s not Christian views to talk about Biblical principles?… What about the Bible do you find extreme? 
Ehrlich: They are anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality. 
Loesch: Using your logic, Jessica, then how does that not make you anti-Christian?… Jessica, you learn more when you keep your mouth shut. 
Ehrlich: You don’t need to get rude about this. 
Loesch: If we’re going to have a discussion on rudeness, let’s start with your name-calling and your smearing of these brothers just because you are an anti-Christian bigot.
Her own site makes excuses for defending the Benhams:
The story of the David and Jason Benham moved me perhaps because it is the most recent in a string of stories this year where people of faith or of different opinion are attacked; also maybe because they seem like sincere people of faith. The SunTrust story broke while I was on air, inspiring this rant. Tonight I appeared on the “Kelly File” with excellent guest host Martha MacCallum to debate the issue a bit with a democratic strategist named Jessica Ehrlich. My intention was to have a civil discourse, where perhaps we disagree, but civil nonetheless, but find common ground on this being America and there is room for all, faith-based or not. I quickly found that this was not to be the case. Ms. Ehrlich was set upon castigating these brothers for their faith. It wasn’t enough for Ms. Ehrlich that neither David nor Jason have ever expressed anything either in voice or otherwise that would classify, it was “hatred” so long as the brothers didn’t endorse in what they themselves simply disagree. It wasn’t enough for Ms. Ehrlich that the Benham brothers remained committed, on their own time and their own dime, to the six families whose homes they were flipping for their now-cancelled HGTV program — they had failed to endorse a lifestyle outside of their Biblical belief set. Ms. Ehrlich called them hateful “anti-homosexuals,” “extremists,” among other things, to which I asked her if her simple disagreement with David and Jason Benham’s lifestyle then would classify her as an “anti-Christian bigot.” It’s the same logic. She didn’t like the measure she uses to be used against herself.
I have friends and members of my own family who are gay, I have friends and family members who believe whole-heartedly that abortion is fantastic, and magically, we still all get along. I am not hurt if they do not share my beliefs no more than they are hurt that I do not share theirs. I care about these people, which is why I would never go out of my way to hurt them, especially over what we believe. It’s why it floors me that people like Ms. Ehrlich, who I’m sure prides herself on “equality” and compassion, would go out of her way to malign the characters of two men whose only crime seems to be that they are Christians. Perhaps she was not raised in a diverse environment and didn’t learn to coexist with people who think differently than she, but it’s about time she learned.
Dana, it's about time you learn to quit being a rude bully to people who disagree with your line of thought.

Typical Loesch being a fake "Christian" right-wing asshole. Mrs. Ehrlich's the REAL Christian in this discussion, NOT you or the Benhams.

On today's edition of The Dana Show, Loesch was outraged by SunTrust's decision to temporarily suspend their accounts (which later got reinstated) by whining about "#progressiveprivilege." She also smeared Hillary Clinton, Shannon Watts, Elizabeth Warren, birth control, Common Core, Michael Sam, and liberals/progressives in general in that rant.

From the 05.16.2014 edition of KFTK/Radio America's The Dana Show:

More on Loesch's attacks on LGBTQ rights:

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