Progressives Today's Kyle Olson and Jim Hoft with Andrew Marcus join Dana Loesch on TheBlazeTV's Dana for lies and smears against the 2014 White Privilege Conference

Newly formed right-wing propaganda site Progressives Today co-founders Jim Hoft (The Gateway Pundit's primary blogger and founder) and Kyle Olson (founder of far-right anti-public schools/anti-unions site EAGnews.org), along with Andrew Marcus, joined host Dana Loesch on her self-titled TheBlazeTV show to spew falsehoods about progressives and liberals regarding the 2014 White Privilege Conference and defending the Tea Party

From the 05.09.2014 edition of TheBlazeTV's Dana:

The White Privilege Conference attendees correctly stated that the Tea Party Movement breeds racism.

Wisconsin State Journal's Doug Erickson on the White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin:
The gathering draws ridicule and outrage from some, especially political conservatives, who question the need for it and the amount of tax money helping to stage it. Among the two dozen co-hosts of this year’s conference are Madison Area Technical College, UW-Madison and the city of Madison’s Department of Civil Rights. Most co-hosts are paying a fee between $500 and $3,000, according to organizers, although UW-Madison is kicking in $5,000.
Dave Blaska, a former Dane County Board member, wrote in a recent blog for In Business magazine that the conference sends the message that white people are the problem.
“Madison’s ruling white liberals are so afraid to be called racist that they refrain from criticizing destructive behaviors,” he wrote. “Instead, they double down on the race card, blaming unconscious, subliminal racism.”
Conservative Madison radio talk show host Vicki McKenna told her listeners, “I object to one penny of my money being used to support this.”
The conference routinely triggers “threatening and ugly emails,” Moore said, often from white supremacists.
So far, none of the emails this year has been directly threatening, said Lt. Dave McCaw of the Madison Police Department, but the department will continue to monitor social media in the days leading up to the conference, as it does prior to any large gathering, he said.
At this point, McCaw said there appears to be no need for off-duty police at the event, though on-duty officers will give the conference extra attention.
Opposition is not uncommon, Moore said. Members of the St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens protested the 2011 conference in Minneapolis. The group did not return phone calls. A recent post on its website called the Madison conference “extremist” and said “Wisconsin taxpayers are being forced to pay for the entire thing.”
UPDATED (05.10.2014, 7:30PM CDT):
Wonkette has more on Hoft, Olson, and Marcus appearing on Dana to spew lies about the White Privilege Conference.
Rebecca Schoenkopf at Wonkette:
Luckily, Jim Hoft and his Aryan stud partner, Kyle Olson (who judging from the video has aged a bit into a not as Aryan not a stud), very BRAVELY sent BRAVE people undercover to the 15th annual White Privilege conference, where we imagine they got told to check their privilege a LOT. It has pretty much gotten to the point where you can’t try on a pair of shoes without someone telling you that only because you are privileged were you able to ignore the racist history of Thom McCan. (Note: to our knowledge there is no racist history to Thom McCan. Which is JUST WHAT WHITEY WOULD SAY!) 

A lady says Obama is just a black face in the master’s house, which is the closest they get to anything that could possibly be construed as offensive, and even then you really have to squint and turn your phone sideways. Mostly they’re dismayed that anyone could think America has systemic, entrenched racism, and that the Tea Party is racist, and that these terrible black people (and SO-CALLED and DEFINITELY self-loathing WHITE ‘ALLIES’) might want to teach your children that in fact slavery wasn’t that awesome. They might even have to read The Invisible Backpack. (Except some people are mad that The Invisible Backpack was written by a white woman, because she was “casually appropriating the pain of black people,” because sometimes with Critical Race Theory you will always lose no matter what, especially Critical Race Theory as practiced by people on Twitter.)

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