Dana Loesch lies about DOMA, falsely declares it to be the "Democrats' baby" [UPDATED]

Dana Loesch got caught red-handed lying again, on DOMA. She thinks DOMA was all the "Democrats and Bill Clinton's fault." WRONG!

Her twitter posts on the on the ruling that threw out DOMA and Prop 8:

UPDATE (06.26.2013, 9:30PM CDT):
The STL P-D's Kevin McDermott takes brazen idiot Dana Loesch to task for blatantly lying about DOMA.

Kevin McDermott at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
The problem is, she also gets creative in outlining the history of the federal anti-gay-marriage law that was struck down. She strongly implies that law was a Democratic idea that Republicans have always opposed.  

As for the rest — Democrats "championing" its passage, Clinton offering “fervent” support, Republicans proudly lining up with their revered Log Cabin leaders in a principled quest to stop it … Well, no.
In the end, the Republican-controlled Congress passed the Republican-sponsored bill through both chambers, with all but one Republican voting “yes.” A majority of congressional Democrats also supported it, though dozens of them voted “no.” Clinton — in an act that, even then, was widely portrayed as classic Clintonian triangulation in an election year — signed the bill with zero fanfare, literally in the middle of the night.

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