Dana Loesch: "Transgender-inclusive bathrooms are a safety issue because men are stronger than women"

We have CNN "contributor" and KFTK radio host Dana Loesch spewing out homophobic bottom-feeder rhetoric about transgender-friendly bathrooms. She was mad that University of Arkansas-Fort Smith transgender student Jennifer Braly got their bathroom policy changed to allow her to use the female bathrooms there.

From the 05.24.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

LOESCH: "I read about this story-- this is a headline... that sounds ridiculous, and in fact, I talked about it last night as well. The Department of Justice-- I talked about it two hours ago-- the Department of Justice is now deciding that they're very interested in the-- what happened at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith does with their bathrooms."[...]
LOESCH: "I just want to let that sink in. I dramatically paused for a reason. They don't care about Fast and Furious, but they're very concerned about the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith does with their bathrooms. A male student, who calls himself 'Jennifer Braly,' is in the process of raising money to pay for a sex reassignment surgery. He's becoming a woman, [but] still has male anatomy.  He wanted to use the women's restroom, and was told that he couldn't, filed a complaint, and the DOJ brought its muscle and said: 'the rule about he can't use the women's bathroom....' That's how the DOJ--"
PRODUCER: "Wait a minute. If I'm a woman, I'd be looking at him who wants to be her and say, 'you can't come in here...'"
LOESCH: "You have frankenberries."
PRODUCER: "You can't come in here with that."
LOESCH: "And the women were actually really uncomfortable about it. And they were against it, like: 'No, he is a dude. He still has-- you know.'"
PRODUCER: "He can still stand up and--"
LOESCH: "I'm not saying that he would, so I don't want people to freak out about it saying 'there's him!' I'm just saying that men are stronger than women and can overpower most of them. It comes down to being a safety issue. It has nothing to do with gender, anything like that. It's just that men anatomically are stronger, or physiologically they're stronger regarding anatomy or so forth. Obviously, hello, we went through school. So the Department of Justice got involved and made them. So now this guy can use the women's bathroom with the women."
 "The DOJ's-- they're hard at work."
LOESCH: "So there's that. They're hard-workers, not with Fast and Furious."

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