Dana Loesch bashes teachers unions, accuses them of "fellating for the pro-union agenda"

We have the rabidly anti-unionization voice Dana Loesch attacking teachers unions on her radio show yesterday-- this time by suggesting that "American public schools are fellating [out-of-state] union bosses."

From the 05.08.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

LOESCH: "What's more problematic in schools than obesity? It is the fact that a lot of our children in schools can't compete with other countries because we spend more time-- I'm just going to say it-- we spend more time fellating out-of-state union bosses when it comes to pay and services and everything than we do actually do on education. We have headlines about sex ed. Where are the headlines about science? Where are the headlines about music, and so on and so forth?"
"They ignore that epidemic of what out-of-state interest and public sector control are doing to education. So they'll focus on obesity. I'm not saying a healthy lifestyle isn't helpful, or that kids shouldn't be healthy."
Loesch is out of her mind, and she's in REALLY hot water over her role with GGI co-founder Scott Boston regarding the "kill the Claire Bear" comment at a Teabagger rally in Springfield, Missouri.

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