#LoeschFail alert: Dana Loesch falsely slandering Missouri college teachers as "Commies," "union thugs"

Over the past couple of days, serial liar Dana Loesch has promoted flagrant falsehoods about UMSL and UMKC, saying that she claims to have "tapes of UMSL/UMKC teachers encouraging Communism and 'union violence'." Of course, the tapes were edited and distorted, typical of Breitfart cronies. The Columbia Tribune posted this article from the pro-Breitbart/Loesch viewpoint.

Videos showing two University of Missouri instructors apparently advocating for union violence don’t represent the UM System as a whole, a spokeswoman said.

The videos — posted online yesterday on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website — show snippets of Judy Ancel, director of UM-Kansas City’s Institute for Labor Studies, team-teaching with Don Giljum of Operating Engineers 148. The Labor in Society & Politics class is a joint effort between UMKC and UM-St. Louis.

The videos are clearly edited — something Breitbart is known for. His news aggregate website is the one that put out an edited video showing Shirley Sherrod, an official at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, claiming she discriminated against a white farmer. The video later was shown to have been edited out of context, and Sherrod has filed a lawsuit against him.

Unlike the GOP spin from Janese Silvey, here's amore reasonable article from Fired Up Missouri:

I'm blown away by this story in the Columbia Tribune by Janese Silvey.

Even though the Andrew Breitbart empire of websites has a well documented history of using dishonestly editing videos to further their political goals against NPR, ACORN, Shirley Sherrod and others, the Tribune has posted videos from Breitbart's BigGovernment.com because... they "are making the rounds online."

The videos -- complete with the now-familiar quick cuts and odd edits -- are taken from an unknown numbers of classes and feature named and unnamed persons from what we're told are classes about the labor movement led by instructors UMKC and UMSL.

Or should congratulations go to Breitbart for finding someone to republish his dreck in a town that prides itself for top-flight journalism?

Here's one of the videos that Breitbart has obviously distorted.

St. Louis Activist Hub's Adam Shriver slams Loesch and her butt buddies for propagating lies.

@ So when are you going to release the full, unedited tapes of the lectures?
25 Apr
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STL Activist Hub
@ Wow, you got Breitbarted! Ever think that it might be a good idea to, you know, maybe ask for the full unedited tapes?
25 Apr

@ OK, time to play the Breitbart blogger game of condemning everything ever said by some person/group..

@ Sherrod tapes were presented to portray her as racist. NPR tapes changed context. You've earned your reputation.

@ Are you saying Breitbart didn't call Sherrod racist?

@ As for history of labor, of course that was violent, given that the companies violently suppressed labor.

Difference between this case and @'s usual dishonesty: she is the originator of this story. Pay attention @ '

Today, @ put herself squarely in the Breitbart camp of disgraced media figures. Outright lies that she manufactured & pushed.

@ @ Nope, you are outright lying. Release the full context of "violence is a tactic" quote. Blatant lying. Sherrod Part 2.

@ Release the full video. Even better, just release the 10 seconds before the quote. You're lying.

@ The story about the Missouri professors is a complete out-of-context fabrication.

@ How many times do you need to be burned before asking for full tapes from Breitbart? If you run with it, you deliberately mislead.

@ @ Same people who claimed Sherrod was "discriminating" and "racist" now claim profs support "violence." Figure it out.

The Breitbart swarm is hilarious. They don't even care if they're exposed later: just desperately want media attention in the short-term.

Somehow, I bet @ has good lawyers. She will probably need them after these attacks on Missouri teachers..

Heh, @ follows every word of my Twitter conversation, yet is afraid to reference me? I thought she was all "punk rawk?"

@ I've said for a long time there are/(or were) decent people in tea party, but the Breitbart crew ain't among them!

@ is lucky his insults pack no punch, because I now know way too much about him.

@ She's pushing a misleading edited video claiming that UMSL and UMKC profs "encouraged violence."

@ Whoever did your "editing" on this last once really messed up. If you think Sherrod damaged your credibility, just wait.
Other Liberals, like me and Taunia Adams, also ripped Loesch's bullshit excuses.

Doubtful, considering her legal probs, and multi frivolous restraining order threats RT @: I bet @ has good lawyers.

Doctoring vids: RW disease. Cure: () RT @: Hannity got beat by girl/the truth. @

@ @ Oh, this whole 'professors teaching violence' thing in a labor class in the UM system.

@ Methinks you're missing the point. Breitbart slandered Sherrod, got sued. Dana slanders a prof, she might get sued.

I'm glad Breitbart and his cronies have enough time on their hands to sit around and find videos to edit.

Justin Gibson
@: Last time I checked, @ is NOT a "stalker." However, people like Dana Loesch, @, and @ are stalkers.

@: Actually, @ got OWNED by @, not the other way around.

@: It is you, @, @, @, and @ that are distortionists, not @ or @.

Shut up, @! What you're saying about unions and SEIU is discredited garbage!

What Dana's saying on the UMKC/UMSL stuff is bunch of lies designed to scare people. They are NOT teaching Communism.

Dana Loesch is indeed advocating violence against Liberals and Democrats.

Cathy Sherwin
Yes, Breitbart's deceptive editing hit and the tea party would like to eliminate labor studies. All newsworthy I'm sure. @ get off your high horse, already.My grandparents,never been in a union,Grandpa was in mgmt.He's worried about GOP ending Medicare.

Don't get so far on a rant you disrespect the many union members working for Ameren around the clock after . @ @
Naturally, Dana The Devil sent her attack dogs to defend Breitbart and the distorted tapes. Of course, their tweets were just falsehoods and personal attacks.

Dana Loesch
Very curious as to what @ thinks about its professors teaching that criminal activity is OK in class:

@ The man who lives with his mom in Granite City and threatened to hang me? Considering having him served with a PO.

Heh, the only way video of Marxist professors teaching that the flag is "racist" and how-to for industrial sabotage is "out of context"

@ @ @ LOL. I love how it's "lying" to criticize someone caught on tape saying "American flag is racist."

@ @ @ Or how it's "lying" to criticize college profs caught on tape endorsing thug tactics multiple times.

@ That's what is so funny. Technically, I have a case due to the libel (love when people can't tell the difference so use both)

@ You give him too much credit. I don't give him attention because he's a stalker and just not that good at politics.

@ LOL. He was so scared he forgot to record me with his camera. See, a real pundit would have debated. Was sad.

@ thinks he's going to wrap us 'round the axel of his pimp hat. @ @ @

@ Ask for the pimp hat so no one notices the sex-slavery. Rinse, repeat... @ @ @

@ @ @: @, @ & Leftists don't have facts or arguments, just TACTICS.

@ So u haven't seen the vid! Yer the one shouting SLANDER. Shouldn't YOU know? @ @

@ Dude, you're screaming slander not having seen the vid & ur telling me to be careful, uhm, slanderer? @, @

@ did we miss part where THUG says, "just kiddin'!" Or when FBI bursts in to make undercover arrests? @ @

So @, you haven't seen whole video & you're screaming slander? That's slander, u dimbulb. @, @, @

Mike Flynn
@ likes animals, unless they have to be sacrificed on leftist altar.

can't wait to get cameras into cat ethics class taught by @

ouch @ you got pawned by that little shriver kid at @ What has he ever done, by the way?

LOL @ Nice try. Not falling for your silliness. I know how the left works. U own this class.

LOL I guess @ thinks professor said "violence is a tactic" BUT u should never use it. Hint: She didn't.

Hey @ just thinking I got drawn into a fight with a minnow. Need to atone for my focus on @. Weird on my part.

I'm sorry @ ur allies are on tape advocating violence. U have to deal with it. Wait until this happens across campuses.

@ would you condemn industrial sabotage? Or disrupting power plants causing black-outs?

Right @ cause everyone sits around after 60 minutes saying, Boy...I need to see the full tapes...only us w that standard

@ what drives lefties like @ nuts is they know we have the goods, cuz its typical college fare. The gig is up.

Report the story @. If we are wrong U will be praised by progressives everywhere. U can do it!

Tookie Williams
@ I refuse to work with commies time for to house clean . flag is racist makes skin crawl

@ I love trades HATE commies that would sabotage , my trades are American loving folks not COMMUNIST PARTY USA members

@ @ Flynn I don't think the permanent D team leader ponytail lotion boy has actually done a thing , Hare he helped.

@ @ @ @ his lotion jar would be more fitting

@ @ @ @ Adam is an attention whore who finds himself the butt of the joke
@ @ @ @ Shriver can't handle dana success

@ it is such a waste of time to debate with Adam , he and his friends assume it is over but the start

@ @ @ @ Adam is in spin mode , and not doing it well

@ ????

@ @ Not only the pimp hat but he can't get @ to release full tapes of hot mike on their "highly" edited clips

@ @ will every nightly news release FULL tapes ? Nolte he hangs with squatters and Communists .

@ @ @ Oh look a ponytail hang with Commies Union leftie is making demands . What's next a threat of violence

Hey @ @ @ isn't it funny watching lefties hating on Dana success ? does that

@ @ maybe we should release Shriver tapes of him saying " he hangs with commies"
@ @ find it more odd that you support violence and sabotage of power plants

Mandy Nagy
@ @ @ @ @ Plus Adam's hair looks so much nicer in this vid than the NAACP one

@ @ @ @ @ They should do that more often. Way better than all that silly MMFA fellatio.

Not a Mizzou alum, but got plenty of Black & Gold. They better fix this before kickoff

Aaaand just when you thought it was safe to go back to the University of :

Shut Down Labor Studies Now, Governor Nixon - Governor Nixon: What does it take to get your attention? What does it...

@ I don't debate hacks like that. I simply use them as examples of the intellectual deficit on the Left.

@ She said violence was to be used when it's an appropriate tactic. You're seriously grasping here. @

You know, tool, it might help if you had some evidence before you go around trying to accuse people of lying. @

Also, don't you think they know people you would ask for the "unedited videos", moron? But hey.... keep sounding the alarm. @

Are you trying to say that those guys aren't communists and they weren't lecturing about how to be subversives? @

LOL! @ wannabe -> MT @ UMSL/UMKC tapes look highly edited. @ owns this story if there turns out to be misleading

The fact is! That @ is arrogant enuff to think that @ views his lil' Boehlert page when HE responds to her show..HE... @ trolled @'s mommy blog, HE (Adam Shriver) injected himself into Wash U Student paper about Dana...HE..has been trying to bring down @ her husband,any little thing he @ can get.ALL THIS & every single time falls FLAT on his face!

Ya see @ PRIDES himself in RT's from Senior Fellow @ and response from"Breitbart Crew" this is his activist oxygen

I think @ oughtta stick to contemplating the pain fish, may or may not feel... One thing at a time Adam.

@ @ @ YET Adam blogs Aw shucks Think I stood my ground in "mob" later says Tea folks nice people? Which is it?

@ @ jjmnolte If Dana is afraid 2 reference you Adam,why did SHE confront u last yr rally?Made u look like a smacked ass.

@ @ Oh and by the way stop stealing Michelle's "punk rawk" ref, come up with your own stuff Adam. ;)

@ @ @ Adam, are that fucking arrogant to think that Dana is following you? Really? You're a parrot of lib talk.

@ @ @ 99.9% of the time when u see the words.."she or her" on his Twitter page? It's about Dana. A Diva thing.

She is indeed doing libelous activity that warrants being suspended from her job and/or liable to be sued.

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