Dana "I Hate Unions" Loesch accuses the carolers of "thuggish intimidation"

Dana Loesch, the queen of "I Hate Unions," was trashing Unions for alleged intimidation on Private Property, when they are in fact doing nothing wrong. WGEM, the NBC affiliate out of Quincy had this:

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) -- It's Christmas caroling with a message.

Wednesday night, locked out workers from Roquette America in Keokuk staged a very unique protest.

They took a break from the picket lines to go caroling outside the homes of top Roquette executives who live in Quincy.

The union workers have been off the job for almost three months now.

Roquette locked them out on September 28th, and contract negotiations have pretty much stalled ever since.

Wednesday's event hoped to grab the attention of company leaders. The singers carried signs that read "bah humbug" and "Seasons Greed-ings". They sang "Let Us Work" to the tune of "Jingle Bells" and "God Rest Ye Locked Out Laborers"

According to union members, Roquette's contract offer would slash wages and benefits.

WGEM was right on the money with this article. Sure looks like Loesch will be getting tons of coal in her stocking for Christmas.

Dana's fact-free spin on BigJournalism.com:

Are you kidding me? A caravan of 80 people to sing insults and, according to eyewitnesses, shouting “F*CK YOU” at various houses right before Christmas? This isn’t “caroling,” this is intimidation. On private property. I’m told by locals that one of the houses they visited was down a private lane of an elderly couple whose granddaughter often stays with them (and luckily wasn’t the night the union struck) – the union trespassed.

When union thugs – because members don’t show up to people’s houses but if you do you’ve crossed the line from member to thug – show up to the homes of private citizens, it’s all but ignored.
Loesch, of course, offered no facts, but a lot of "Unions are ruining America" crap. The unions are helping America and ARE needed more than ever.

Here's even more of Loesch's coal-receiving fib:

Unions to not have the right to trespass onto private property to terrify private citizens into behaving in ways that could harm their business. If they are unhappy, go work somewhere else. Unions do not have the right to employment; they only have the right to seek it and if they are upset with their circumstances then they should take it up with their wealthy bosses who use them like they are minions to enforce policy that is incredibly detrimental to their jobs. It’s unfair and malicious to mischaracterize every business owner in America as some rich fat cat. The couple on the private lane upon which the union trespassed? The gentleman, say the locals, got his start as a union member on the shop floor and worked his way up to achieve the American Dream, using the same right to pursue happiness that everyone else has. But once you achieve too much in America, you’re a target. There is no American Dream – just a nightmare of envy and penalties. It’s a gimmick to get you to earn money and once you do, the class warfare is invoked against you. Because somehow you’re a bad person for working hard and providing jobs.

People like Andy Stern have more power than most of the targets on their near-home invasion hit list. But they won’t tell their workers that. If ever union members ever realize that they outnumber, and are more powerful than, their bosses, it would be a very bright day in labor.
Dana The Elitist is defending the Fatcats, and not the workers.

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  1. Scrooge her.

    How does she know what was shouted? Produce the video! Produce the video! Maybe it's thuggish when you're not carrying a coffin.


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