Boehlert vs. Loesch: The NYC/NJ Snowmageddon and Chris Christie

Looks like one of Andrew Breitbart's cronies-in-chief at Big Journalism is making up distortions about how the "unions in NYC did worse than Christie with the snow removal" garbage. Her name is #7 on my 2010 Worst Persons list, and it is St. Louis's own lie peddler Dana Loesch.

Here are Eric Boehlert's tweets that call out Loesch's distortions:


Dana the Fibber digs a deeper hole for herself:

No, “NJ” didn’t call out the National Guard. Chris Christie called out the National Guard because that’s the job of the governor. Of course, I don’t expect a “senior fellow” who so zealously attempts debate on the matter to actually know what he’s talking about if he comes from Media Matters. Soros pays him to be persistent, not knowledgeable, folks.
She was crazy enough to blame the unions in NYC in her tweet:
Dana Loesch
NYC slow snow cleanup really a union protest: Have blood on their hands:
Her boss, Andrew Breitbart, was even more batshit crazy:
Not that Im paying attention, @, but your snow plow duty reminds me of your Gladney hit job. Pay to play Union propaganda!

Here's a perfect song for Dana Loesch:

Cee-Lo Green
"Fuck You"

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