Loesch on GMA defending Judge Hudson's ruling on HCR

Yesterday on ABC's Good Morning America, St. Louis Tea Party hack Dana Loesch was on. Of course Loesch was going to call the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Health Care Reform Act of 2010 as "health control law" and defend Judge Hudson.

From the 12.14.2010 edition of ABC's Good Morning America.

Bush-appointed Judge Hudson (R) was wrong in his ruling, as people found out. It is NOT the entire PPACA that is thrown out, but requires that Americans to pay insurance or be penalized the portion that has been ruled unconstitutional.

The Health Care Reform may have a rocky road ahead.

Back to Ms. Loesch, she call call me a "momma's basement troll" all she wants and nominate me for Tool Of The Week, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a deranged liar with no proof of evidence or regards for ethics. She will be getting coal for Christmas.

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