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We got even more Dana Loesch insanity for you: My earlier blogpost says that Loesch should be fired from Emmis. She WILL the The Big Tool of the Week and likely Assclown on the Week.

Adam Shriver of the St. Louis Activist Hub had this:

More From Loesch: If MoveOn.org Was "Chivalrous," They Wouldn't Let Women Attend Political Events

I wrote earlier about how horrible human being Dana Loesch demanded that a MoveOn activist apologize for having her head stomped on by an angry Rand Paul supporter while being held on the ground by other Paulites.

Now Loesch is doubling down, claiming that MoveOn wasn't "chivalrous" because they didn't prevent a woman from attending a political debate:

She's still harping about "'Union Thugs' beating up Gladney" nonsense.

Adam Shriver of the St. Louis Activist Hub calls her bullshit out.
Dana Loesch, who really does not actually know very much about the Kenneth Gladney case (as evidenced by her embarrassing attacks on a local county counselor), has recently been spreading more verifiable misinformation about the altercation. Pointing out some of these falsehoods will serve as a nice reminder of some of the main flaws in treating the police report on the incident as gospel. In fact, the police report contains several falsehoods and is based entirely on the testimony of biased tea party activists. As stated by someone arguing with Loesch on Twitter:

The record that debunks Dana's lies: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31481339/Records-Letter

Even more nonsense from Liar Loesch claiming that "Conservatives got beaten up for being Conservative."

That, as we will see, is particularly salient in this case, but first I'll focus on some of Loesch's specific falsehoods. For starters, Loesch repeatedly claimed that Kelly Owens was "beaten" and "punched in the face." And, in fact, the police report also states that Owens was hit in the face. However, in an extended video from the night that includes Owens being interviewed by the police, Owens specifically responds, when asked by the police where she was hit, that her camera was hit which in turn hit her face. So she was not "punched in the face," and she certainly was not "beaten." Now, I'm certainly not saying that Cheryl Joiner's act of hitting Owens' camera was OK. Joiner was wrong to do that and I'm glad that charges were filed. However, to claim that a simple act of slapping a camera is the same thing as beating someone or punching them in the face, and specifically as being in the same category as stomping on a woman's neck, is just plain wrong.

So, just to review:

  • We have at least three central claims in the police report being directly contradicted by video evidence from the scene or later interviews with the same witnesses.
  • We also have only three "witnesses" who didn't actually witness the fight starting and who all happen to be tea partiers with clear ideological agendas.
  • And finally we have a ridiculous arrest of Post-Dispatch reporter Jake Wagman by the same police during the same events.

  • Show Me Progress had this to say:

    UPDATED: Expecting to hear crickets

    by: Clark

    Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 12:36:22 PM CDT

    The only thing I've seen from St. Louis Tea Party blogs on the brutal attack on the MoveOn supporter at the Rand Paul rally was a couple of posts by Jim Hoft essentially claiming that Paul supporters were forced to drag the woman to the ground and step on her head.
    Loesch wants to start trouble on her BigJournalism blog:

    If she didn’t want to be restrained she shouldn’t have gone with the intent to start trouble, but congressional members also need to provide their own security. Sure, the man shouldn’t have placed his foot on her head. Me writing that just now is more than Soros employees Eric Boehlert and his Soros crew over at Media Matters will ever say on Kenneth Gladney and Kelly Owens, two victims of actual violence. They’re too busy defending the people who beat them, mocking and slurring the victims. Boehlert is terrified to touch the subject of Kelly Owens’ beating because he’s more concerned with making sure he remains popular amongst an organization that would condone the beating of women and minorities.

    People like this fraudster Dana Loesch are the scum of the earth and should go to Hell. I hear there's a room for her down there next to Breitfart and James O'Keefe. Also, for any aspiring musician in St. Louis, boycott Shock City Music because it is owned by Dana's jerkass husband, Chris.

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