Dana Loesch on Real Time w/ Bill Maher

From johntully's Daily Kos diary: Last night on Real Time w/ Bill Maher, Teahadist hack Dana Loesch, John Legend, Daily Kos blogger (which I blog on) Markos Moulitsas, Wall Street Journal's Dan Neil, and Al Sharpton were the guests.

I watched the whole thing, and Dana Loesch got her ass slapped silly for being a liar. John Legend, Dan Neil, and Markos Moulitsas all owned this narrow-minded bigoted assclown. She even tried to claim that she is an Independent (like Bill O'Reilly), but she's really a GOP watercarrier.

A few Kossacks thought that Maher went soft on Dana, but she lied on her own.

Video for those who missed the show:







St. Louis Activist Hub: Dana Loesch on Bill Maher

Conservatives think she did great, because they don't care at all whether anything she said was true. Liberals like myself think she looked ridiculous. Either way, it certainly was entertaining:
I agree with Adam Shriver on this. Loesch, as usual, had to resort to GOP Talking Points.

Mediaite (which has a Righty bias) had this:
Real Time host Bill Maher, who normally says “teabagger” more frequently than a foreman on a Lipton assembly line, was on his best behavior last night for “Tea Party Person” (and Hottest Conservative New Media Woman) Dana Loesch. Both he and DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, another aficionado of the term, studiously avoided using the Tea Party-coined-then-rejected appellation throughout most of the show, obviously in deference to Loesch.

Maher did slip up near the end, though, and Tea Partier Loesch let him have it with both bags.

When Maher first introduced Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch as a “Tea Party Person,” the stage was set for some kind of showdown. Both Maher and panelist Markos Moulitsas are full-throated users of the term “teabagger,” so even if both of them managed to control the urge to whip out the mocking term, it seemed likely that Loesch might confront them about it anyway. As it turns out, Maher “let one go” toward the end of the show, and Loesch pounced:


If anything, Kos and Maher should've called her a "Teabagger" just to piss her off more.

Finally, the right-wing idiots over at Mike Anderson's STLMedia.net boards banned me yet again, simply for telling the truth, which was that Dana The Diva got owned.

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