Dana Loesch embarrasses St. Louisans on AC360 and The Early Show

Bad news: Teabagger quack Dana Loesch will be a part of ABC's election night coverage. Go on FNC is where this nutcase belongs!

**Providing analysis and historical context will be ABC News contributors George Will, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile and Matthew Dowd. They will be joined by Ron Brownstein, Editorial Director for the National Journal Group and conservative commentator Dana Loesch.


Dana The Diva, on last night's AC360:

COOPER: There is a really interesting story about leaked e-mails I want to talk about with you.

They involve the Senate candidate from Alaska Joe Miller and Todd Palin. Now, Mr. Palin says there's no story here, there's nothing to see, folks, just kind of move along.

But a leaked e-mail that he sent to Joe Miller and others hints at his sharp political teeth, and perhaps -- perhaps -- Sarah Palin's presidential ambitions.

The e-mail and one from Miller to his campaign associates followed a television appearance on Fox News Sunday where Miller, the Palin-supported nominee, obviously, was asked -- quote -- "Would you support her," meaning Sarah Palin, "for president?"

Take a look at his answer.


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Would you support her for president?

JOE MILLER (R), ALASKA SENATORIAL CANDIDATE: You know, we have been asked that question before.

CAVUTO: Really? I'm surprised.

MILLER: There are a number of great candidates out there, including -- I have been, actually -- but -- but we have had, you know, a number of people that have introduced their names as potential candidates in 2012.

Certainly, Palin is on the top of that ticket. You've got a number of folk that any one of which would be better than President Obama.


COOPER: Now, here's the e-mail that that appearance apparently triggered from Todd Palin to Joe Miller and others.

Quote: "Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe, and yet he can't answer a simple question: is Sarah Palin qualified to be president? I DON'T KNOW IF SHE IS." The caps are his. Now, we should mention that, in the interview, as you saw, Joe Miller did not say those words, "I don't know if she is." Todd Palin later said that he had just been told that is what she said -- he said.

The e-mail goes on: "Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works. Is it to be completely one-sided? Sarah spent all morning working on a Facebook post for Joe. She won't use it, not now. Put yourself in her shoes, Joe, for one day."

So, three days later, Miller forwards this to his associates, adding -- quote -- "Just found this in my inbox. This is what we're dealing with." He goes on: "Note the date and the complete misconstruction of what I said. Holy cow."

So two things, it's a pretty rare look inside the Palin political operation, which appears to work and at least in this case, on a bit of a hair trigger at times, and a hint of perhaps Palin's presidential aspirations.

Let's talk about it with Tea Party supporter Dana Loesch, and Marc Lamont Hill, a blogger, contributor to "The Root" online magazine and host of Our World with Black Enterprise on AOL.

Dana, it's interesting. I mean, one of the other interesting things about this is, it really does show Todd Palin's role kind of as enforcer, or close role, at least, with Sarah Palin.


It's a really interesting tone that he takes, too, because I thought one of the narratives about the Palins was that they were supposed to have this really frosty marriage, and that they didn't care for each other, and that they weren't close.

And I think Todd Palin coming to his wife's defense kind of blows that out of the water a little bit.

COOPER: Marc, what do you make of this -- of this e-mail?

MARC LAMONT HILL, HOST, OUR WORLD WITH BLACK ENTERPRISE: Well, first, it doesn't necessarily mean that. I mean, we have seen, with the Clintons, who are also reported to have this frosty sort of political relationships, they're also political assassins. And when they see their political dynasty in jeopardy, you know, they -- they -- they act on it.

I think what you see here with the Palins is a very similar kind of thing. I think they have a sense of entitlement. I think Sarah Palin strongly believes that she's the new leader of the Republican Party, and anyone who doesn't fall in line, she's going to check hard. And that's what we just saw here.


COOPER: But, Marc, isn't it -- isn't it fair if -- if -- for -- the -- the extent to which Sarah Palin, you know, really put Joe Miller on the -- on the map and got the Tea Party Express to -- to put $600,000 behind him, and she appeared in an ad for him. Isn't it fair in the world of kind of, you know, sharp-elbow politics to expect a little love in return?

HILL: Absolutely.

And if -- if Joe had actually said that "I can't say that she's qualified to be president," that would be a very hard blow. But what was actually said is something far more ordinary in politics, which is that, "I'm not going to endorse a Republican nominee right now or a candidate right now, this early in the race, because I have a lot of dogs in the fight." I think that was fairly ordinary. I think it was fine.

COOPER: Dana, what -- what else -- do you think this does indicate that Sarah Palin is, you know, at least seriously considering running for president?

LOESCH: Oh, definitely.

I think she's kind of tossing it around back and forth, deciding if she -- if she wants to run or not. But I also don't think we can pass judgment on what the Palins, what they were or were not thinking, because we don't know into what context these remarks were delivered to Todd Palin.

If he says that he was told that he heard Joe Miller disparaging Sarah Palin, then, of course. I mean, anyone in his right mind is going to come to their defense of their wife. I -- I just think it shows Todd Palin being kind of a stand-up guy.

But I definitely do think that she's --

HILL: Not if you're doing --

LOESCH: -- she's considering something.

HILL: You know, I think, if you're doing big-league politics at this level, I mean, you do -- you don't just send an e-mail like that out. You have a team. You have advisers.

LOESCH: Oh, yes. Everybody does it.

HILL: You actually investigate. You find out if it's true or not.

LOESCH: Oh, no.


COOPER: But the fact that it leaked out --

LOESCH: Well, no one -- no one -- no one even called Todd -- no one even called Todd Palin to say, hey, Todd, what -- did you -- what did you mean by this? What was behind this e-mail?

Nobody called Todd Palin. Everyone sort of like speculated, until he came out after the fact and said, "Hey, I had heard that there was a really disparaging remark," because if you look at the -- if you look at his remarks, he doesn't even quote Joe Miller accurately.

So, it does lend --

HILL: Exactly.

LOESCH: You have to admit, it does lend a little bit of -- of validity to that. COOPER: Very briefly, I want to ask you about this other story.

Last night, on John King, USA, Bob Woodward hinted that an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket in 2012 was on the table. The White House batted it down today. So did -- so did sources close to Clinton.

What do you -- what do you think? Do you think it's possible, Marc?

HILL: No. I think it reeks of desperation. Do I think it will be a stronger ticket? Absolutely. But I think that it reeks of desperation. I think what the Democrats need to do instead of trying to replace the vice presidential slot, what they need to do is trumpet their victories. They need to do more on the domestic agenda to push what they've done successfully, which is a lot. Otherwise they won't energize their base.


HILL: I think this move doesn't work.

COOPER: Dana, do you think it would energize the base? Do think it will get some of those independents who may be looking at -- you know, the folks you like, the Tea Party?

LOESCH: Hmm, I don't know. I mean the Clintons do have a little bit more of a history of being a little bit more moderate than Obama does, but I totally agree with Marc. I want the Democrats to run on everything that they've passed. I think that does -- I think that would be a wonderful campaign strategy, especially considering how well health care has been polling lately.

COOPER: Mark, are you worried that Dana is agreeing on this?


HILL: That -- no, because Dana's thinking about the Tea Party spin on what the Democrats have done. I'm talking about a -- I'm talking about progress on jobs.

LOESCH: No, that's just the polls.

HILL: I'm talking about a great HIV/AIDS agenda. I'm talking about education reform. There are a host of Democratic victories that people on the right don't acknowledge.

LOESCH: Oh, yes, I desperately --

HILL: What they do is they spin it, which is politically wise but it's just not accurate.

LOESCH: I desperately want to hear Democrats talk about vouchers.

HILL: You want the Tea Party re-mix to what the Democrats have done.

LOESCH: No, that's mainstream America. You can't just say it's like the Tea Party anymore. This is mainstream America.

HILL: People keep saying --

LOESCH: I desperately want Democrats to explain their stance on the voucher system.

COOPER: All right.

LOESCH: Please, let's run on that. I love it.

COOPER: We've got to go. Marc Lamont Hill, appreciate it. Dana Loesch, always good to have you on, thanks.

LOESCH: Thank you.

COOPER: One other political note, with polling continuing to show the Democrats heading into a buzz saw at the ballot box next month, and critics are putting some of the blame obviously on President Obama -- a lot of the blame -- it was the topic A tonight on Parker Spitzer. Take a look.
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Dana Loesch, on today's The Early Show, on CBS:


Also, Dana had on Michael "Whiner" Savage (who she filled in for on at least one occasion) on KFTK's The Dana Show:


News From The Other side has this piece on how much of a jackass Dana is.

Is This The Voice of Anger Politics?

Yes, Dana Loesch is the "literal definition of shrill"! Yes readers, this gal is a "Republican" as well, and as you can see she will place the butcher knife in her own parties back quicker than you can blink. This very anger she emits in this video is the same gal on PJTV, Rupert Murdoch TV (AKA Fox News), and now to be subject matter expert on ABC news with Sawyer and Stephanopoulos.

As we see from the video Dana is speaking too about 5 St. Louis voters going to the court house to pay their parking fine.

We realize here at NFTOS that we give this tool way to much print. But she is the master at irritating, and she certainly grates us here at the horseshoe. We have searched and searched for an honest background check on her, and the only things that come up are self written blurbs by Dana herself.

Dana is often rattling off the predictable drivel of lower taxes, smaller government and the "intent of the founding fathers on mainstream media. We here at NFTOS hope Dana keeps going on cable news shows and continues talking about how she would like to abolish Social Security. It's almost as if she's a double agent working for the Democratic party from inside the tea bagger movement.

The mentality of Loesch is know better than the other hate radio show host like Beck, and Limbaugh etc. Dana is really so far out of her element, it would appear that Dana is a trained circus monkey who parrots what she obviously hears on right-wing shows more popular than her own-she's also a tool who calls callers "pricks" and hangs up them when they corner her with logic.



  1. Ya know, you could be taken a bit more seriously if you actually looked at things a bit more objectively and without the insults and vitriol. Instead your site becomes another liberal bloviation site.

  2. I just heard Dana on the Bill Maher show. This is one empty headed gal who loves to hear her own voice.

    Like so many others, she tends to make up things , rewrite history and grate on everyone's nerves.

    I'm a senior citizen and have a lot of patience and compassion , but this woman should be locked up before someone ( probably herself) gets hurt.


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