DanaBusted.com EXCLUSIVE: Jimi971/WaxStax, Dana's BFF, has called me a stalker, etc...

Recently, Jimi971 is attacking me as an "Unstable Leftist" and other crap that is lie-based.

From STLMedia.net, where some of the posters are calling me a "Moonbat", a "Loon", and even as far as a "Mama's Basement-type stalker", simply for telling it like it is about their favorite Diva Dana Loesch (or any Republican/Conservative for that matter):

WaxStax: It's obvious "death threat boy" that your obsession clouds your senses. How can anyone who threatens, stalks, and makes a baffoon of himself daily in regards to Loesch, hold any credibility in any forum? People on this board that are or have been in the business, know exactly the obsessive type you are. You need help dude.


Gibson? Do you realize that Shriver apparently has disowned you? As I've read anyway? Why don't you stop leaning on him to justify your obsessions with Dana? Even Shriver as left as he is thinks you're "batshit crazy" as you say right?

As for the 9/12 rally? What were you actually watching there? I was there... Shriver the boy, got reprimanded from a grown woman... Were you there Justin? Or were you in your mama's basement waiting on your chicken noodle soup from Mama?


WaxStax (aka @Jimi971), you are lying about Shriver disowning me. He has NOT disowned me. Why don't YOU stop leaning on your BFF Dana for every last bit of political advice and to justifying YOUR stalkerish behavior towards Liberals like Me, Shriver, Jaco, etc?

Waxxy...can you dump this Gibson guy? He has a sick obsession with Dana that goes beyond mere disagreement with her politics. I have read some of his stuff elsewhere and quite frankly, he is nuts.

FanOfRams: By the way Gibson you Moonbat, the word "owned" is in the eye of the beholder. Your "evidence" is useless.

WaxStax: Oh no I'm not going to dump him, I'm dragging this clown out....

Anything else Justin?


Twitter: Jimi971 STILL won't shut up about @STLActivistHub attempting to disown me.
  1. Jimi Jimi971 @jgibsondem I would again suggest that @stlactivisthub get rid of this clown Justin. He is a time bomb to ruin credibility for sure...
  2. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonDem Justin you idiot, do you think I care if my name is know on a fucking message board? Everyone there knows my name you child.
@stlactivisthub Did you not see the Tweet of Gibsons' that I put out here of blatantly racist comments from him? Yet you FF'd him?

@stlactivisthub @LiberalStLouis I'm glad you agree Adam. Don't let Gibson tie you two together. BTW- JC is an ego-maniac, but talented.
@LiberalStLouis @stlactivisthub Sure. Yet Adam is linked by this guy daily.Leans on Adam to justify his own sorry blog,using Adam. He Hates

@LiberalStLouis @stlactivisthub @DLoesch No and I agree, that's why I wish that Shriver would pay attn to JGibson who is over the top...

Adam Shriver backs up the truth here, and Jimi/WaxStax is clearly fibbing:

@Jimi971 Happy to talk about that, but I'm noting that you have *not* been able to defend @gatewaypundit linking to white supremacist sites.

@Jimi971 I have never said Hoft is racist. I have said that his behavior of linking to white supremacist web sites is reprehensible.

@Jimi971 Hoft was told repeatedly that he was linking to white supremacist sites, yet he kept up the links.

@Jimi971 However, you and @dloesch posted a video of other people laughing at it, and falsely implied that it showed that *I* was laughing.

LiberalStLouis, who's following me on Twitter, said this:
@Jimi971 @stlactivisthub Like I said, we can denounce (which I do) but in the end it's on Gibson.


  1. What is that board anyway? It's for people who work in the media?

  2. STLMedia.net is a board where St. Louis Media issues are talked about, and most of its members are part of or were working for the media.

    Mike Anderson is the main blogger for the site: http://stlmediastuff.blogspot.com/
    Forum (account required): http://stlmedia.proboards.com/index.cgi


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