DanaBusted.com EXCLUSIVE: Loesch named Editor-in-Chief at Big Journalism

St. Louis's Teabagger Hack Dana Loesch is now the Editor-In-Chief for BigJournalism. Loesch is still expected to work for PJTV, in addition to spewing hate on KFTK daily on The Dana Show.
Too bad Dana can't turn the comments off on her blogs over at Breitfart's sites, like she can over at her blogs (Mamalogues and DanaRadio). There was one hatemail piece earlier this week that tore her apart for NOT allowing comments on her blogs, unlike most Conservative blogs.

=== From DanaRadio.com:
That also means some changes here. This site will now be strictly related to issues, programming notes, and news about my daily show. Daily content on issues of the day will be featured on the Big sites.
== From Michael Walsh at BigJournalism.com:

This is my last post as Editor-in-Chief of Big Journalism.

A year ago this month, Andrew Breitbart and I, along with the rest of the team at Breitbart.com, began planning this site, designing the logo and the layout, recruiting the writers and generally establishing the tone of a new conservative website devoted to all matters media, including the Mainstream Media, New Media and the blogosphere, and the intersection of politics, culture and the press. We launched on Jan. 6, 2009, and we’ve never looked back.

Dana Loesch, whom you all know from her work not only as a blogger and St. Louis radio personality but also as a force in the Tea Party, will guide you on our collective journey from here on out. Please join with me in wishing her nothing but the best.

That means Media Matters and other Left-wing blogs (including this one and St. Louis Activist Hub) will be going after Loesch a lot more often now than ever before. Her star is rising in Conservative/Teahadist circles. She will have a ton of clout over at Breitbart's hate chamber.

== Other Loesch-related news:
Dana Loesch is scheduled to be on Real Time With Bill Maher this Friday night on HBO.
Mike Anderson at STLMedia.net, praising Loesch:

HBO's Bill Maher will host KFTK/STL's Dana Loesch next Friday. Here are my recommendations for STL's conservative champion...

1. Understand that Maher hates women. Not just conservative women, Maher hates all women. This is a guy who trolls the Playboy Mansion for whores, by Hefner's invitation, and has just one use for them. Maher is a pig. He's dismissive of most conservative ideas but especially when expressed by a female. And the more attractive they are, the more dismissive he is.

3. Dana must do the Hillary Thing, changing her trope from the "good old girl" to one of moderate sophistication. No use of "y'all," at all. The show will be presented before a live audience in Los Angeles and they will have their semi-intellectual claws out. Left coasties think Heartlanders are nothing but White trash non-thinkers.
Mike Anderson, what kind of Dana-loving person are you?! You and your forum at STLMedia.net is CLEARLY biased as hell towards Republicans. Maher hates women claim is patently false.


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