Dana The Diva being her racist, Teabagger self again by suggesting that "Liberals are racists"

Dana The Diva's back up to her old racist tricks again: this time by claiming that the Dems are Racists Card, and her incessant mentions of "Gladney beaten by 'Union Thugs'":

Former OFA Worker in Village Voice: “Decay of White Brain”

September 29, 2010
by DanaLoesch

Here is a formula:

Poorly write a too-long, not-smart-enough-to-be-snarky racist piece on the “white brain.”

Because your business is worried that it might not get enough traffic on its own, hire a PR/social media firm to send out emails like the one below baiting bloggers into giving an otherwise undeserving piece written for shock’s sake (you remember what I said about shock as art) some attention.

The article is a frosh attempt to characterize the entire conservative movement as being solely Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and a few other white people. Thrasher insists that it’s an all-white movement.

While Thrasher projects, he ignores:

- The Kenneth Gladney beating

- The NAACP presser wherein Gladney was ridiculed and called slurs in public

- White liberal/progressive/socialists mocking and name-calling black Republicans, on tape, at the 8/28 event in DC

- Bill Clinton’s remark on Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

- Harry Reid: Obama — a “light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

- Obama: Blacks are a ‘Mongrel’ People

- The revered former KKK grand cyclops/dragon/something Democrat Robert Byrd a few years before his death:

This piece is indeed proof that Loesch, like Jim Hoft, from Gateway Pundit, is indeed a race-baiter.

This tweet was posted by :
Don't shop at union grocery stores. Don't give money to those who exploit workers to put money in union thugs' pockets. -@
Dana, NOT all Unions are "thugs," but a few bad apples in the unions don't make the rest of them "thugs." This is crap I'd expect from the Fixed Noise's Saturday "Business" Shows, which are nothing more than the I Hate Unions and Liberals Hour. Shopping at Union-friendly stores makes more an American.

@: "We may have a weak president now, but we're getting ready to change that." - Liz Cheney to Iran
Note to Loesch and Liz Cheney: Obama's NOT a weak president on national security.

More proof that Dana'a an evil coward:

Robert Hahn
@ Sad that I respond to your tweet and now I'm blocked, typical of the 'conservatives', rather than debate, block or avoid!

I swear, Dana Loesch is Phyllis Schlafly Lite. She's working on losing the 'lite,' though.

STL Activist Hub
by theboneblog
The @ defense (for any occasion): sputter...sputter...KENNETH GLADNEY!....sputter...sputter...LIBEL!....sputter...DEFAMATION!

Tea Party's John Burns Involved In James O'Keefe's Plot to "Seduce" CNN Correspondent

John Burns of American Majority and the St. Louis tea party was implicated in a story about disgraced conservative hitman James O'Keefe's ploy to "embarrass a CNN correspondent by recording a meeting on hidden cameras aboard a floating palace of pleasure' and making sexually suggestive comments, e-mails and a planning document show," according to CNN. Burns is best known in St. Louis for leading the tea party's failed efforts to block funding for public transportation, for ridiculously accusing Washington University of "fraud" in the aftermath of a hoax conducted by him and O'Keefe, and, worst of all, for writing "free abortions" on the back of a sign in an attempt to sabotage pro-gay marriage rally.

As expected, Loesch blamed it on the "Liberal Media."

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Roland Martin owned Liaresch's butt.

Fittingly, Dana "Comments Off" Loesch has been named Riverfront Times's Best Of St. Louis' Lightning Rod:

Mom-blogger. Tea-Partier. Host of radio's The Dana Show. Oh, and don't forget, a former liberal. Dana Loesch's metamorphosis has proven quite the spectacle. The self-described smart aleck from south county is now a frequent commentator for Tea Party causes on nightly cable news channels, from MSNBC to CNN to FOX News, and the conservative media baron Andrew Breitbart counts her as one of his most popular contributors on biggovernment.com. All of which makes St. Louis lefties' blood boil:
She does make my (like other Liberals and even some Conservatives) blood boil. The Ultimate Satan Of St. Louis will be on Most Hated St. Louisans list for decades to come.


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  1. Dana Leesch's credentials are weak, he radio show is weak, and her credibility is weak. Opposing Prop N in St. Louis last year proved to me she is not a conservative and when you bring this subject up on her FB page, you're BANNED. She's got the thinnest skin of any on air St. Louis person in history.


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