Loesch falsely claims that "Liberals quiet on Conservative Assaults"

So, Dana Loesch is back to her usual tactic: Blame the Liberals... this time regarding on how "Media Matters's Eric Boehlert suddenly cares about women."

Libs Quiet on Conservative Assaults

September 25, 2010
by DanaLoesch

I’ve been watching Media Matters fake concern over the Reid-supporting chick punched at a townhall forum this week.

Suddenly Eric Boehlert is a defender of women. Except when those women are conservative, because hey, Kelly Owens and Allee Bautsch TOTALLY had it coming, right?

Because Media Matters likes to portray itself to its three readers as being objective and high enough to serve as a faux-journalism critique, I expected to find tons on the on-video, cop-witnessed (as per police report) assault of Kelly Owens by the SEIU crowd. So I did a little search in the Media Matters’ archives:

What? That bastion of media purity, the calvary to the rightwing media, the Soros-funded “media” outlet didn’t have anything about the assault of conservative Kelly Owens?

OK, so I imagine that they’re hurriedly drafting a post now to remedy that glaring oversight, since, afterall, they’re such huge defenders of women all of a sudden.

News for you, Dana: Media Matters is NOT funded by George Soros (unlike what the Republicans claim), but there are many Republican groups who do the EXACT same thing and do they bat an eye? NO!

- More lefty assaults, lefty screeching and intimidation, threats of assault, advocating violence, hateful rallies.

Meanwhile, the tea parties repudiate any such things.

Violence in lieu of discourse is wrong, period. Party, ideology is irrelevant.

Why are only the conservatives saying this, though?

Maybe Media Matters can do a story on it.

Dana Loesch is still harping on Gladney (and likely will never stop) and claiming that the "Liberals are violent," when it's the Conservatives doing these vile things.

And since the exact women of whom I speak couldn't bring themselves to repudiate the threats against my family, the Owens assault ...

. @JustinSnyderFL Prove racism. You are a typical sexist liberal male. Congrats for taking ur hand out of ur pants long enough to Tweet.

What a diva this woman is.

She (like rest of the STL Teabagger Hate Cabal) is also endorsing the dishonest Ed Martin in MO-03, Todd Akin in MO-02, and Roy Blunt in MO-Senate.

  • Paying Chris Loesch's business $5,000 while wife Dana Loesch attacked Martin's Republican primary opponent.
  • Hypocritically hiding from debates with John Wayne Tucker

    Cheering on his supporters and campaigners booting and torching a photo of Russ Carnahan.


    A Recent tweet from @STLActivistHub:

    It's excuse for Loesch to attack looks of women she disagrees with. For example, she has said that women in Emily's List have "hair lips."

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